Welcome to Volunteer on Ometepe Island

I will continue to add to this list. Check back often. Feel free to contact me, or go to the websites listed for more information.

1. Ultra Fuega y Agua Marathon

We will be needing several volunteers this year for Ultra Fuego y Agua on Feb 16, 2012. We have grown and will have over 300 runners in the ultras and are going for 500 kids in the Calzado kids run.
Zac Wessler on the island is taking Volunteer registrations for this year, you can contact him at zwessler@gmail.com

Website: Volunteer info is on the site http://www.fuegoyagua.org/volunteer/

2. Si A La Vida in Altagracia

Takes volunteers to tutor the boys they work with.  Their website is http://www.asalv.org/

3. Project Bona Fide
Volunteer opportunities for project Bona Fide can be addressed to:  coordinator@projectbonafide.com. Or 8901-5782
Project Mano Amiga Community Center website: http://projectbonafide.com/projects/mano-amiga-community-center/

4. OutMore Adventures

Have to put a plug in for my son..this is his project on Ometepe. OutMore Adventures also offers volunteer opportunities in the community of Los Ramos in education and agriculture. Website: http://www.outmoreadventures.com/Giving_Back.html

5. Ventanas del Mundo
I am always in search of children’s books in Spanish for my mobile lending library. If you are making a trip to Ometepe Island, please consider dropping off some children’s books at The Corner House Cafe or The American Cafe and Hotel in Moyogalpa. Check out my page on my blog: Ventanas del Mundo.
6. Volunteer Inanitah

A variety of volunteering opportunities are available at Inanitah. http://www.inanitah.com/living/volunteering/


22 thoughts on “Volunteer

  1. Greetings from ETSU’s College of Education, Debbie! I am taking a study abroad group to Ciudad Sandino in July (5th-18th) and we are volunteering in the village of Nueva Vida. I wish I had known earlier that you were there. It wasn’t until I advertised that someone (Aleeta Shaw) in the University School, said, “do you know our retired teacher is there…here is her blog.” I am in Human Services, but we will be with an interprofessional group based out of Public Health. Maybe we can get some donations or books collected to bring to you to support your efforts. Let me know! Either way, I would be happy to start coordinating with you to support your good work.

  2. Hello,
    I’m interested in volunteering in a wildlife sanctuary in Nicaragua. Would you have any suggestion?

    • Thanks, Émilie. I am not sure of where a wildlife sanctuary may be in Nicaragua. In La Flor, along the coast, they always need volunteers for the Olive Ridley turtles, particularly when they lay their eggs and when the babies hatch and are released. Let me see if I can locate other wildlife sanctuaries for you.

  3. Hello, I am interested in volunteer in an orphanage. Do you know if there are any in Omotepi in need of volunteers? My husband and I live in Rancho Santana Tola.

    • Hi Vsvevg, I am sure that isn’t your real name, haha. Anyway, we used to have two orphanages on Ometepe Island, but during the eruption of Concepcion volcano in 2010, the orphanages moved to the mainland. In fact, I think they are near Tola. The orphanage that I am familiar with is called Pequeño Hermanos. They still have a farm on Ometepe and the children come several times a year, but they live on the mainland. Let me see if I can find a link for you.

  4. Hi, do you have a FB page? Just wondering do you have any suggestions in where to buy land in Nicaragua, i was born there but I’d like to make a permaculture/edible forest farm with a few animals, experiment. I was first thinking cool climate cuz Nicaragua can get really hot, like north central like Matagalpa..but its so far away from the city, convenience wise..then i was thinking Masaya, but im kinda iffy with the volcano that is near…How did you go about purchasing ur land. If you see anything worth while let me kno, i guess that half an acre would be enough, what do u think?

    • Hi Cinthya,
      Really, Matagalpa is a great area to explore. It’s not far from the larger cities and it is growing quickly. You might want to join some of the Facebook pages for Matagalpa because they would be able to answer you questions much better than I can. Good Luck.

  5. Hello! I am interested in volunteering with wild and domesticated animal rescue. I am a certified wildlife rehabbed and interested in furthering my experience. I have only found places that charge a lot of money and I have heard horror stories about such places. Any recommendations are welcomed. Thanks!

  6. Hola, I m interested in visiting/volunteering at the school for the deaf in January. I am fluent in ASL, have a tour business for the deaf, and would like some information, I am new to this blog/website and am not sure whom to contact??

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  9. I absolutely LOVE your photos. You have a great eye for the unique. I am reading through your blog today as I decided last night that we are moving to Nicaragua next year. Does that sound crazy? My husband and daughter think so, but they know to take me seriously.
    I hope that I may meet you in person one day soon.

    • Hola Andrea,

      Honestly, Andrea, I’m chuckling at you saying I have an eye for the unique because this wacky island I live on always has something unique happening…a giant island floating by our front doors, an owl dropping on my kitchen counter in the middle of the night, a huge Gar killed by our neighbor by knocking it over the head with 2 rocks….I could go on and on. Seriously though, Nicaragua has something to offer for everyone. It’s a wonderful country. Thanks for leaving such sweet comments. And…NO, I don’t think you are crazy. All it takes is a little bit of weirdness to live here. 🙂

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