Ventanas del Mundo

                                         Reading is FUN!

Welcome to my new mobile lending library called Ventanas del Mundo (Windows of the World). My goal is to lend 100 children’s books to every elementary school on Ometepe Island and exchange them among the primary schools once a month.

                                           Even the Police read!

Meet Fabiola, my new library assistant. In exchange for monthly college tuition, Fabiola is fabulous at categorizing, labeling, and placing books on the online library system. She is going to go to the schools once a week with me to read to the classes.

                                      Fabiola is fabulous!

Fabiola enters new books into the online library program.

Meet the Schools

I. La Paloma, Ometepe Island

La Paloma is the first school where I delivered 100 books. It is a small primary school in my neighborhood with about 100 children and 4 teachers. All students have laptops and will soon be connected to the internet through a special antenna for the One Laptop Per Child Program.

The books are strapped on our moto. I had to walk to the school.

All students were on their laptops when I delivered the books.

The teacher in charge…Senor Daniel.

II. Los Ramos, Ometepe Island

Los Ramos is located at the base of Volcano Concepcion. It is a small community that is in the process of developing sustainable tourism and home stays. The elementary school has four teachers and one director.

For this trip, Ron had to take the moto and I had to wait for the crowded chicken bus. I think that when I have more schools, I am going to need another form of transportation.

When we arrived at the school, the kids went wild looking at the books. They were book starved. “Mira, Mira,” they shouted excitedly to their friends.

                        Look, Look!

Ron tried to read a story, but his Spanish needs a lot of improvement.

“Can I take this book home?”

I was overwhelmed and overjoyed by the response of the children eager to devour the books. I have 60 more books to collect to add a third school. I hope to have two more containers of books for two more schools ready on August 1st.

Meanwhile, please visit my page: How You Can Help. I have only just begun, and I have many ideas for my mobile lending library, but I need your support and your help to cover all the primary schools on Ometepe Island. I’m guessing there are over 100 schools..but I’ll know for sure when I get the list of schools on the island. Happy reading! 🙂



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