Things to do on a Tropical Island

Play volleyball with Wilson

When I retired from teaching fifth grade, my students made a list of things I should do on a tropical island in Nicaragua. I am proud to report that I have completed six items on their list. I’m working on the breeding item, but do you know how difficult it is to find a Chupa Cabra?

Things to Do on a Tropical Island in Nicaragua

As Recommended by University School Fifth Graders

  • Think of your favorite fifth grade class
  •  Breed the Chupa Cabra with a Chihuahua (dog) Then you would have a Chupachihuabra
  •  Grow a banana tree
  •  Play volleyball with Wilson
  •  Swim a lot in the lake
  •  Climb a volcano or a coconut tree
  •  Eat Nacatamales
  •  Teach English classes
  •  Relax on the beach and read a good book
  •  Take a hike around the island
  •  Watch Survivor being filmed