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The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. ~Bill Gates


IMG_3800Two weeks ago, we had a microwave internet tower installed. We spent the last four years, struggling with a Claro modem stick which provided slow, inconsistent, and sometimes nonexistent service. Now, our internet speed is fast enough to stream video and watch Netflix movies and my favorite series, Orange is the New Black.
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated People of Nicaragua

The Weekly Photo Challenge said to make sure the photos are saturated. Nicaragua has many colorful and saturated people.

Saturated with Music
IMG_4595Saturated with Fun
IMG_4596Saturated with Creativity
IMG_4604Saturated with Patriotism? ( Even my camera got saturated)
IMG_4588The Shoe Shine Boy is Saturated with Exhaustion
IMG_5490Saturated with Homelessness
DSCN0671Saturated with Poverty and Old Age
IMG_4625Nicaragua is the land of extremes of saturation… from the fullness of joy, music, and liveliness….to those inundated with poverty, loneliness, and despair. Be grateful everyday and if you see a need…pay your gratefulness forward.


One Heart: Paul captured the essence of Ometepe Island. Beautiful!


Being last has its privileges. Being last provides you with even more drive to do better next time. Being last enables you to witness your surroundings just a wee bit more. Being last allows you to capture that memorable footage of your journey on camera and then introduce that action as the very reason for why you were last. Pretty clever wouldn’t you say? No shame here. I was last.
I practice Buddhism. Not devoutly like my wife. Not always consistently, but I try. For whatever reason, I find myself on the fence with any organized religion. But I try. I do see the benefits usually when least expected.
Before I left for Nicaragua, my wife asked me to be sure to keep prayer in my heart during my run. She reminded me to thank the Guardians of the Law for my protection on the volcano.
Our theme for this…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This week’s photo challenge is about the shapes and rhythms of geometry that make up our world.  Geometry is the study of relationships of points, lines, angles, and surfaces. It is an arrangement of objects or parts that suggests geometric figures.

I can think of no better way to demonstrate my love for geometry than to photograph points, lines, angles, and surfaces of places I love. Arranging and integrating the photos, I have a photographic representation of meaningful places in my travels…and I’ll never forget the names of those places.

This first interpretation of geometry is for my son, Cory. He is an interpretive naturalist in Yosemite National Park. He just arrived on Ometepe Island for seven months, where he will be working on sustainable tourism programs for several local communities here. I’m so excited to have him back home!

This second photo composite was taken on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. My nephew rented an enormous house called the Wild Horse for his wedding.

I do have a photo composite of Ometepe, but I have it in a slide show format, here.
This challenge reminds me to work on more of my interpretations of geometrical patterns in Nicaragua. Stay turned for more of my favorite places in Nicaragua in geometric patterns.




Exploring Hotel Granada

Ron and I always stayed at Bobby’s house when we went in Granada. However, when we went to Granada for Bobby’s wake, we knew it was time to explore another part of town. The memories of Bobby’s house are too fresh, every street reminded me of him.

This time, we explored the area around the lake. Hotel Granada was a block from our bed and breakfast. Ron was particularly interested in visiting the swimming pool. A retired swim coach always investigates the pools! For $7 a day, one can swim in their Olympic sized salt water pool. It was magnificent.

Hotel Granada is an old colonial fortress in the historical center of the city. Although the cheapest room is $75 per night, it was too expensive for two retired teachers on a fixed income. Maybe someday, for a very special occasion, we can spring for a night.

For your enjoyment, take a walk with us through this amazing hotel and convention center.

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