Weekly Photo Challenge: The Off-Season in Nicaragua

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Off-Season.

“en la lluvia, cuando le recuerdo.”
― Sitta Karina

I love the rainy season in Nicaragua. It is the off-season for tourists, a time of tranquility, reflection, growth, and gorgeous sunsets as well as unusual cloud formations.

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You Know It’s the Rainy Season When….

1.   …the covers of your paperback books curl up.
2.   …your clothes hang on the line for a week and they’re still wet.
3.   …your solar lights refuse to charge due to lack of sunlight.
4.   …you put potpourri in all your drawers to cover up the mildewy smell.
5.   …your leather belts are covered with mold.
6.   …the fence posts surrounding the garden sprout and grow fruits.
7.   …thousands of creepy crawlers take refuge in your house because their nests have been washed out.
8.   …your flip-flops blow out because they get stuck in the mud.
9.   …the electricity flickers all day.
10. …the garden drowns and newly planted seeds wash away.
11. …the sunsets are spectacular because of the variety of rain clouds.
12. …you carry an umbrella everywhere.
13. …gully washers create giant crevices in the volcanic sand
14. …the sandy roads are much easier to travel because the sand is packed down.
15. …you can literally watch plants grow several inches overnight.
16. …the wandering horses, cows, and pigs are happy because they have something to eat that’s green.
17. …you can easily find out where your roof leaks.
18. …you can watch the lake rise daily.
19. …windshield wiper salesmen, who sell their rain gear at all the red lights, are ecstatic!
20. …you turn the TV volume up as high as it will go, and you still can’t hear a thing because of the pounding rain on the tin roof.
21. …the chickens get colds and sneeze.
22. …plastic bags, dirty diapers, and miscellaneous garbage floats and bobs down the streets.
23. …the machetes swing constantly cutting the grass.
24. …you get goosebumps and bundle up in a beach towel (because you don’t own a blanket).
25. …and my favorite…everything, I mean everything.. is a lush vibrant green (even things that aren’t supposed to turn green).

Happy rainy season to you all! I’m enjoying writing, reading, and drawing on this lovely rainy day in the tropics. What do you do on a rainy day?