Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful


Recovering from Dengue fever (undiagnosed, but I had most of the symptoms) has left me spiritually, physically, and emotionally drained this month. In my delirium, I had a difficult time finding something for which I could be thankful. My eyeballs felt as if they were going to burst right out of my head and every bone in my body ached. I guess that’s why they call it Break Bone fever. I’d lay in bed moaning, unable to eat, read, or sleep.

But, in a strange kind of way, the little click..click..click of the geckos playing and running up and down the walls were reassuring to me. They kept me grounded and just thankful to be alive. I’d watch them scamper from ceiling to wall, seeking insects and sometimes love. I wondered how they stuck to the walls and what would happen if I covered the walls with grease. Would it become a giant slip and slide?

Did they feel dizzy hanging upside down? Were they aware of my three kittens eying them suspiciously? What would it be like to regenerate a body part? Sometimes, they’d fall from the ceiling to the tile floor with a SPLAT. Did they hurt as much as I did?

Since there was very little I could do, the reassuring click..click..click of the geckos kept me focused on their antics, instead of my pain. It reminded me of using meditation and breathing techniques for natural childbirth…riding the big wave through each contraction…listening intently for the reassuring clicks of the geckos…I’m still here…I’m still alive.

For that I am very thankful. I’m on the slow road to recovery…with a little help from my clicking gecko friends…keeping me grounded…focused…and constantly entertained.