Weekly Photo Challenge: Petroglyph Patterns

The Weekly Photo Challenge is From Lines to Patterns. I can think of no better way to represent lines and patterns than the petroglyphs on Ometepe Island.

When we first moved to Ometepe Island, I thought petroglyph was another name for gasoline.
petroglyphsArcheologists refer to Ometepe as the Island of circles and spirals due to the ancient rock carvings, petroglyphs, carved on the basalt boulders.
petroglyphThe oldest petroglyphs date back to around 1000 B.C. The most common motif is the spiral. Some motifs are highly stylized and intricately carved.
petroglyph fincaOther carvings represent the God of Virility or a very macho man with a great sense of humor.
DSCN1341All of the petroglyphs are found on the Maderas side of the island. Once we found a pig pen surrounded by petroglyphs highlighted in chalk. Now, that’s a creative way to use some petroglyphs.
DSCN1348Following the Fuego y Agua Survivor racers up Maderas Volcano, we spotted an angel-like petroglyph or maybe an alien in a spacesuit?
IMG_1948Returning from our walk to photograph petroglyphs, we discovered the beginnings of a dugout canoe. Just carve out the lines and patterns, and soon you will have a fishing boat.
DSCN1206I hope you enjoyed the petroglyph tour on the Island of Circles and Spirals.
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