Weekly Photo Challenge: Behind the Masterpiece

“Make your lives a masterpiece, you only get one canvas.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

My life’s masterpiece is a colorful mixture of paints and a work in progress.

IMG_3787My heart is my paintbrush. The entire universe is my canvas.
IMG_3786I am learning to let go…to defy gravity…to dare ecstasy…to fly by the seat of my paint covered pants.
IMG_3796I want to blaze my own trail… to transcend what people tell me is impossible…to learn from my failures.
IMG_3798Each of us creates a unique signature of our lives.
IMG_3907 One small part of the masterpiece of my life hangs above my kitchen wall, created with radical curiosities, a loving friend, laughter, contemplation, and tranquility in our troubled world.
IMG_3277What does the masterpiece of your life look like behind the scenes?