We Do House Hunters International!

In February, I received a comment on my blog:

I hope you do not mind me getting in touch. I work for an American property and travel show and I came across your blog whilst looking for people to participate in our popular documentary show and really enjoyed reading about your adventures!

We are currently looking for families and individuals to appear on our show who have recently relocated to new and exciting parts of the world and have an interesting story to tell – and it seems to me you would fit the bill.

I responded to the producer’s email:
One thing I need to mention is that we are not rich expats living in a gated community.  We’re simply adventurous retired teachers. We live a simple, comfortable lifestyle in a small rural community where we are the only foreigners. I think many people that watch your show would like to see more episodes that offer them hope of living comfortably on a fixed income abroad. We are actively involved in our little community and passionate about cultural immersion.

So, a TV crew came to Ometepe Island in May. We spent five fantastic, busy days filming for an episode of House Hunters International.

IMG_20130509_082857The crew was awesome and they gave us many tips for appearing on TV.
HHI - Ometepe 083 (800x600)I had to stand on blocks and bricks all the time.
HHI - Ometepe 074 (800x600)The best thing was filming our cultural immersion experiences. We went to our favorite indigenous community, Los Ramos, where we took the cultural cooking class and made delicious nacatamales.
cookin class copy 2All ingredients are ready.
IMG_20130510_160452Grandpa entertains everyone.
in los ramos copyMarvin, my iron man, is a new star!
IMG_20130509_134645They filmed us delivering my mobile lending library books to a school. It was a very touching scene because the sound man had tears in his eyes as he watched Lupita explore the new books.
delivering books copyRon taught swimming lessons to our local community. They had to do a lot of dry land exercises because the lake was so low.
IMG_2716Then, they walked to the deeper part of the lake to practice putting their heads under the water and blow bubbles.
IMG_2729The crew filmed a very popular swimming spot on the island called Ojo de Agua.
Our last shoot on the island at Punta Jesus Maria. I loved this crew!!!
saying goodbye copy 2Adios Ometepe
IMG_2777Please join us in our adventures on House Hunter’s International, on HGTV, November 7th, 2013 at 10:30 pm EST. The Retirees and the Volcano in Ometepe, Nicaragua.