The Umbilical Cords of Ometepe Island

      The ferries and lanchas (small boats that remind me of Popeye’s boat, “The Olive”) are the umbilical cords connecting Ometepe Island to the motherland.  These umbilical vessels have supplied nourishment to the embryonic island by transferring thousands of people, vehicles, and supplies to and from the host mother, mainland Nicaragua.
In a span of six years, I have watched the population of Ometepe expand from 20,000 to 35,000 inhabitants. The development of the island has not come without a price. Soon, our ‘fetus of peace’ will have an aerial umbilical cord. An airport is in the beginning stages of construction, only a quarter of a mile from my house.
Clamping and cutting the ‘sweet seagoing’ cords will be difficult, if not impossible. There will always be a need to nourish the island through a rich and readily available source of cord blood. The ferries and lanchas are the heart and the soul of my embryonic island.
It remains to be seen how the addition of an airport will change Ometepe Island. Enjoy my reminiscent article ( written in 2004) before a blood transfusion transforms my oasis of peace.  Keep reading…

Hola from La Paloma

Hello from the town of the dove

La Paloma, which means ‘the dove’, is about one and one half miles from the port town of Moyogalpa, which means ‘land of mosquitoes’. Ometepe means ‘two hills’ in the ancient Nahuatl language. So, in English our address would be: One and a half miles south of the land of mosquitoes, on the beach, in the town of the dove, on the island of two hills. However, my recommendation is to use the local hardware store’s address for us. A delivery boy bicycled to our house with a package of nails and screws. The address on the package said: To the gringos of La Paloma.

Baring It All

My passions in 60 seconds

Get Focused. Choose Your Topic. The advice from WordPress is to brainstorm your reasons for starting a blog, list your passions, and finally to merge them into a cohesive visual representation of your blog topic. All within 60 seconds and on a napkin! Good lord. I live on a tropical island. I have to walk one and a half miles through manure infested black sand to buy a napkin in the closest town…with no guarantee that they will even have napkins for sale.

Writing is a socially acceptable form of getting naked in public. ~ Paulo Coelho

After a detailed critical analysis of my results (on recycled paper from a printer gone haywire), I have discovered that I am a rebellious blogger, only interested in egotistical ramblings of living cheaply, yet creatively, on a tropical island in the middle of an enormous lake, in the middle of Nicaragua, in the middle of Central America.

I am an economic refugee getting naked and baring it all…the good, the bad, and the ugly, in grisly detail. Please ‘bare’ with me as I unveil my rewired life on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua.