Daily Wonders

Usually life is a mystery in the “land of the not quite right”. Here are a few of my daily wonders.

1. I wonder why the electricity cuts off at 6 pm every night for 15-30 minutes.
2. I wonder if I’ll have enough electricity to do a load of wash in the morning.
3. I wonder how the first banana tree grew since it doesn’t have seeds.
4. I wonder if our little neighbor kids know that we can’t speak Spanish fluently or if they think we’re just stupid.
5. I wonder when my chickens sneeze (and yes, they do sneeze) if it always means they have a cold.
6. I wonder how Ometepe Island will change when they complete the new airport.
7. I wonder whose dog/horse/pig/chicken/cat/cow/bull is in our yard nibbling our mangoes.
8. I wonder if we will ever view life as “normal” again.
9. I wonder if we are “normal”
10. I wonder if I’ll ever stop wondering about life in Nicaragua.