Is This a Joke?

In honor of April first, the day of strange and bizarre jokes and pranks, I am always reminded that I live in Nicaragua when….

….The electricity goes off at exactly 6 pm and returns an hour or two later
…. Fence posts in the garden sprout during the rainy season
….Cattle, chickens, and horses gorge themselves on mounds of mangoes
….Our address is “The gringos in La Paloma”
….Someone steals the urn of your friend’s ashes hanging in a tree
….A traveling preacher stops by your house and offers you salvation
….A man whips out an x-ray of a woman’s uterus on the chicken bus and begs for money to heal his ailment
….Flintstone vitamins are hawked as a cure-all for everything
….You ask, “What’s the meat in the stew?” and the cook responds, “Armadillo.”
….You are told not to pay your property taxes because no one pays property taxes and there are no penalties for not paying.
….You have to buy your own electric transformer from the electric company
….Over 40,000 people live on Ometepe Island and only a small fraction of them can swim

And the real reason I wrote this post…..

WANTED: Joseph Maltese, cult leader Ecoovie
Help deport him from Nicaragua
Do Not stay at Indio Viejo on Ometepe Island

….A dangerous cult called Ecoovie, led by an arms dealer, pedophile, kidnapper, and self-professed savior named Joseph Maltese, manages the Indio Viejo ( formerly known as the Hospedaje Central in Moyogalpa). I really thought this was a joke until I found a documentary made about Joseph Maltese and his cult, Ecoovie, on the internet.
Documentary on Joseph Maltese and Ecoovie

I ask myself, ” Is this a joke? Why isn’t something done to deport these dangerous people?” Everyday, young backpackers from around the world, stay at the Indio Viejo on Ometepe Island unaware of Joseph Maltese and his power to seduce new cult members for his own twisted purposes. Please don’t be fooled by their 3 projects for Mother Earth. The Cocibolca project, now abandoned, closed their doors and the cult members fled.  I suspect that it is because a young victim, apparently kidnapped and chained up by Joseph Maltese and his cult, was rescued by a Nicaraguan National Police helicopter.

Maybe the cult fled to the Tichana project, an isolated place on Ometepe Island. All I know is that Joseph Maltese is gone, possibly hiding out somewhere,  but the Indio Viejo’s doors are still open…seducing young victims, covering up the truth of their evil cult with ecofriendly words..ecological agriculture, environmental impact, environmentally friendly, and living in harmony with the nature and local resources.

The illusion of lost pilgrims Ecoovie: A summary of the documentary

Page 39
Friday, February 20, 2009

The A “Duty of Inquiry” tells the macabre saga of the guru Joseph Maltese

S ‘There was a list of the CV sordid, certainly that of Joseph Maltese would be a special place. Arms dealer, close to some terrorist circles, double agent, swindler, forger, pedophile, thief of children, the course of the guru of the sect Ecoovie has everything to attract the “faitdiversier” the most seasoned. Daniel and Remi Gerard Rogge does not make a mistake. For 20 years, Gerard Rogge with his camera followed the saga of the sect Ecoovie and his illustrious mentor. This aspect of “Duty of Inquiry” is his third film on the subject. Tonight, we learn yet little about the psychological profile of the Canadian who was posing as an Indian trading. Neither of his past spook. The highlight of the documentary is to show how the guru could make the diversion of an ideal. Indeed, the followers of Ecoovie appear here, above all, as activists, young people who wanted to engage the world in danger. “The genius of Malta is to have used the thirst of commitment of these young to have a mark on a group and make his sexual fantasies, “says Gerard Rogge. Behind this character that Belgium discovers on his release from prison in 1988, wearing an Indian headdress, hides another reality. That of dozens of young people drawn into a project that looks like green: how green the planet during a long walk around the world. By mixing archival footage shot by supporters of the sect and testimony from former followers, the film tells the macabre group wandering around Europe. Throughout the story, we understand how it will eventually accept everything: live like Indians in primitive sanitary conditions appalling that will lead some to death, lend themselves to insane sexual rituals; condone the practices of their leader pedophiles . The novelty of the film is probably the sequence tour a year ago by two journalists from Radio Canada. Hidden camera, we see Joseph Maltese in great shape, stashed in Nicaragua. “It is also a failure. For 20 years, every time you hit the nail on the Maltese mischief, I thought things were moving at the judicial level, “says Gerard Rogge. In 2003, when he was a refugee in Quebec, Maltese was convicted by a Canadian court to make two children he kept with him. For the rest of his “work”, the guru still seems to escape justice. YANN Saint-Sernin (st.) Duty to investigate, The A, 20 h 45.

And what can YOU do to help? Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool’s joke. It is real and dangerous. Please spread the word. If you are traveling to Ometepe Island, please do NOT stay at the Indio Viejo. This evil guru continues to escape justice…let’s work together to rid my oasis of peace of this dangerous cult.