Barbie: An Economic Refugee

So, the naked truth about my Barbie video is that we were contemplating retiring in Panama. After several visits and chats with expats, we both came to the conclusion that it was, well…” too normal”. We were looking for quirky country living…a place where we could get our hands dirty and our feet embedded with volcanic sand.

I initially made my Barbie videos as a marketing tool to get traffic to my website where I had listed our Big, Fat Lives for sale…including boomer Barbie and Ken, the Dream House, and  Barbie’s convertible. (Yes, they are my childhood dolls…all original and in perfect condition)

However, I miscalculated my intended audience and the timing of my online garage sale. First, we were in the midst of a major recession. Second, my Barbie videos attracted the teeny boppers and the sexually perverted. I’m not sure what they expected, but if you look at the comments on Youtube, you can see that they were clueless as to my message.

Overall, 77,386 hits isn’t too bad. Hopefully someone reading this post will have an “Ah-ha” moment.