Ding Dong! Avon Calling

The Avon Boy

“Bueno…bueno,” the Avon boy called out. I think I’m his best customer because he is usually here everyday trying to sell me more Avon products. “Leviton, I don’t need more Skin-so-Soft, or anything today,” I reply. “Bueno,” he responds. “I’ll return tomorrow.”

It reminds me of the time we were in Morocco. They ushered us from one rug store to another. The vendors flipped out rug after rug until they toppled over one another like the princess and the pea. The mint tea flowed, the rugs swayed like flying carpets, and the vendors did not understand the word “NO.” We had to buy a rug to leave the country!

Leviton returned today with his stack of Avon books. He displayed the perfume pages and shoved the perfumed stickers in front of my nose to entice me. I had to buy something, just to get one day of peace. So, I chose more Skin-so-Soft and a toilet paper roll holder. Skin-so-Soft is good for repelling insects. I guess one can never have enough Skin-so-Soft when living in the tropics.

School starts next Monday. I’m thinking that I won’t see my Avon boy very much. I have enough Skin-so-Soft to last me the rest of his school year. But, it is nice to know that I can order Avon products on Ometepe Island. Who would have ever guessed? Ding dong…Avon calling again, and again, and again.