Rewired and Retired Greatest Hits

I have written over 666 posts since I started blogging in 2011. Some of my favorite posts are hidden deep within my archives. Sit right back and enjoy a tale or two of my favorite posts from Nicaragua. I’ll continue to update this page when the mood strikes or my internet is rapido!

Most Popular

The Anatomy of the Cult Ecoovie
With over 3,000 hits, this post continues to be one of the most popular. It is an intriguing  true tale of a dangerous cult living on Ometepe Island and in Granada.

Health Care for Expats in Nicaragua
My second most popular post if you are considering living in Nicaragua.

Bull Penis Fights in Nicaragua
Now, I know you’re very curious about this post.

Our Visit with President Jimmy Carter
A serendipitous moment on Ometepe Island.

A Few of My Favorite Posts

The Honeymoon is Over
If you live abroad, what stage are you in?

Cultural Ignorance: A Rant
I don’t rant often, but this is kind of funny!

Don’t Underestimate the Force
My reflections on the life of Ben Linder after visiting his grave in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Nicaragua Ain’t for Sissies
Capturing the heart and soul of Nicaragua through Pre-Columbian pottery.

While we are traveling, sit back and enjoy a few of my favorite posts. 

The Birthday Party
Our first experiment with pretirement and cultural immersion written in 2005.

Our First Nicaraguan Thanksgiving
Our hunt for a turkey in 2004 led to some wild adventures on Ometepe Island.

Toad Suckers in Nicaragua
What do you do when a million Toad Canes Invade your space?

Cultural Lessons From the Ballpark
Baseball in Nicaragua…the field of dreams.

The Plowman
Farming the Nica way.

My Husband: The Snake Whisperer
Ron captures a boa in our neighbor’s kitchen wall.

The Cultural Cooking Class
We learn how to make nacatamales the Nicaraguan way.








2 thoughts on “Rewired and Retired Greatest Hits

  1. Great idea for a blog page…I’ll come back and read read through your greatest hits page and may take this page idea for my blog as well!

  2. Hi Debbie, I found you through my involvement with Goat Islands, Jamaica. I wrote a column for CNN on GI. Would you consider writing one about Ometepe and the proposed canal? There are 3 sites under threat (well, many around the world), including Ometepe, GI, and the Nayarit mangroves on the western coast of Mexico. Contact me if you’re interested.

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