One of my passions is writing. Not only is it therapeutic for me, but it is a creative outlet for my other weird hobbies and passions. I’ve linked two of my previous publications for your enjoyment.
I wrote an article for Family Circle Magazine in 1975 called, “I was a Housesitter for Ethel Kennedy.” However, Family Circle does not have an archive online for previously published articles.
From living in the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport, Mass. to living in a 1952 school bus in a hollow in the Ozark Mt., to living on a tropical island in Nicaragua, my life continues to be full of off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Make Pantyhose People!.

First Person: Off the island, into ‘Steelers Nation’.

7 thoughts on “Publications

  1. I am also a former teacher -who escapes the frigid weather in Ontario Canada for 2 months every winter by volunteering/vacationing in Balgue Ometepe. I work with Sue Ellen Wortzel who founded Talica has provided textbooks for schools near Balgue, opened the library at Mano Amiga Community Center and assisted with constructing a library at Robert Drew Instituto in Merida.
    A friend sent me the connection and the first articles have lit a desire to read all your blogging and comments and she is coming next week to partner with a group of women who want to start a small sewing business in Balgue. We would definitely love to meet you – maybe for treats at Corner House when we are all in Moyagalpa.
    Judy Sieffert

  2. Hi! I’m exploring retirement options in Latin America and have settled on two places for extended visits this winter, Granada, Nicaragua and Antigua, Guatemala. I’m a woman in my early 60s and have traveled independently around the world, so I’m pretty confident. BUT — my one question involves safety: How safe is it for a woman my age to live in Granada and environs? I’m not liking the idea of being stuck in the house after sundown or in being afraid to walk down the street. I’ve got pretty good street smarts and have never had an issue with traveling alone, but I don’t have a sense of what the reality is, either in Nicaragua or Guatemala. Can you provide some insight from your experiences? Thanks!

    • Hi Thea,
      I can’t speak about Antigua, Guatemala, but I can say that Granada, Nicaragua is an excellent place for active, independent, single women to retire. Granada has an active, vibrant expat community..over 1,000 expats in Granada. Many of my friends who live in Granada are independent single females. There are certain places to avoid after dark…the same as in any large city in the world. Taxis are cheap… about 50 cents per ride throughout the city. Come visit and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  3. Was given a wonderful resourse on Nic which is downloadable. Not sure it would be proper to post on a Blog site as a live link. If you email me your addy with Best Nic Publication in the subject line, and somewhere in the message, I can forward you the link.

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