Nica Philanthropy

Want to know how you can help in Nicaragua? Check out my post Foreign Philanthropy. If you have suggestions for other projects, volunteer opportunities, or donations for Nicaragua, please send me a link and I’ll add it to the list below.

1. Casa Alianza: A street kids’ charity Casa Alianza, which runs a centre providing care, rehabilitation and legal aid services to the capital’s street children.

2. Computers for Tola Library

3. El Carizo Sustainability Project “Empowering a community to break the cycle of poverty through organic agriculture, environmental protection, education and intercultural exchange.”

4. The Divine Women’s Soccer Team on Ometepe Island  

6 thoughts on “Nica Philanthropy

  1. Hi, Debbie. I’d like to make you aware of Friends of CICRIN, an American 501(c)3 organization whose sole purpose is to raise funds for CICRIN — the Centro Infantil Cristiano Nicaragüense — in Los Ángleles, Ometepe. My wife and I started Friends of CICRIN in 2010 and have visited the island with service-learning and mission teams every year since 1999. We’re always seeking funds to help this small refuge and escuelita for children and youth fulfill its mission. Contact me if you’d like more information. Thanks!

  2. Hi Debbie! Holly recommended I contact you on a question I have :). We’re driving to Nicaragua and flying home from Managua. I was recently informed I can’t leave the country if my car doesn’t (as it’s permit is tied to my passport). Do you know if I could get it released from my passport if we donated it?
    Would you be able to point me in the right direction? I can’t seem to find much on the old interweb.
    Thank you!!

  3. We have a small, grass-roots, non-profit called El Hogar de los Ninos. We are currently covering the budget for a small school in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood of Managua, Nicaragua. To maintain the annual budget, we need $36,000.00. To fix the school up, purchase new supplies for the teachers, the kitchen, etc, extra money is needed. Our website is There is a ‘sponsor an education’ button. If 205 students could have their educations sponsored at $150, we’d be in great shape for the 2014 school year. Our schools name is Divino Nino. It is a school that takes all children, special needs, emotional issues, etc. We do not require the typical uniform and book purchase, a cost that can prohibit access to education for many children. Thank you! President, Susan Denham-Gatlin

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