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I am an avid reader, yet moving to Nicaragua, we discovered that there are few places to purchase books. Fortunately, my husband and I have Kindles and we can purchase books with just a click. I want to share with you some of the books I’ve read about Nicaragua. I’ll continue to add to this list on a regular basis. Most are linked to Amazon. I am not endorsing any of these books because they are on a variety of topics with different slants. I like reading the different perspectives of the authors.  If you have suggestions for other books on Nicaragua, please send me your suggestions and I’ll add them to my list.

1.   Tycoon’s War by Stephen Dando Collins
2.   Moon Living Abroad in Nicaragua by Joshua Berman and Randall Wood
3.   The Comamdante’s Gift by Frank Gallo
4.   Records of Harvest Mice, Reithrodontomys from Central America by Jones and Anderson
5.   Noteworthy Records of Bats from Nicaragua by Jones, Smith, and Turner
6.   The Naturalist in Nicaragua by Thomas Belt
7.   The Death of Ben Linder by Joan Kruckewitt
8.   Ancient Nahuatl Poetry by Daniel G. Brinton
9.   Bernardo and the Virgin by Silvio Sirias
10. Meet me under the Ceiba by Silvio Sirias
11. Blood of Brothers: Life and War in Nicaragua by Kinzer and Grindle
12. The Jaguar Smile: A Nicaragua Journey by Salmon Rushdie
13. Nicaragua: Picture Book for children by Planet Collection
14. Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion by Webb and Waters
15. The Country Under my Skin: A Memoir of Love and War by Gioconda Belli
16. The War in NIcaragua by William Walker
17. We’ll Never Forget You, Roberto Clemente by Trudy Engle
18. Gringo Nightmare: A Young American Framed for Murder in Nicaragua by Eric Volz
19. Nicaragua: Revolution in the Family by Shirley Christian  ( given to me by a friend and I don’t have a link for it.
20. Nicaraguan Spanish: Speak like a native by Lee Jamison
21. The Ladies of Managua by Eleni N. Gage
22. Sons of Pirates by Casey Callais
23. NCX Guide to Festivals and Events in Nicaragua by Casey Callais in paperback
24. NCX Guide to Residency in Nicaragua by Casey Callais in paperback

I haven’t read these yet, either because they are not in Kindle format, or they are too expensive. Recommended by friends:

1. Life is Hard: Machismo, Danger, and the Intimacy of Power in Nicaragua by Roger Lancaster
2. Savage Shore: Life and Death with Nicaragua’s Last Shark Hunters by Edward Marriott
3. My Car in Managua by Forrest Colburn

13 thoughts on “Books about Nicaragua

  1. I’d love to know what you’d recommend for Canadian high school students. I will be teaching students on an exchange this summer and want to find something appropriate and engaging. A fiction option would be great, but a medium-sized non-fiction would also suffice.

    Also, what do we know about Nicaragua Way by Nina Serrano?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I have written three books about Nicaragua you might have interest in:
    1. Sons of Pirates – Conquered by the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua
    An adventure travelogue of sorts written about my five years living in and around Bluefields
    2. NCX Guide to Festivals and Events in Nicaragua
    Details over 200+ annual festivals, parties and events around the country
    3. NCX Guide to Residency in Nicaragua
    Explains in meticulous detail how to get residency in Nicaragua

    All can be found on Amazon though the Residency Guide isn’t available for Kindle.


  3. Hi! I noticed you’ve got mostly nonfiction listed. If you’re including novels about Nicaragua, I’d love to be immodest and recommend my own, which was released by St. Martin’s Press in May of this year. The Ladies of Managua is about three generations of Nicaraguan women, each with her own secret, who finally confront their complicated relationships to each other and to their homeland. Oprah magazine called it “a vibrant story about radical acts of womanhood.” It’s available on Kindle and, in Nicaragua, at Literato and Hispamer. If you have a chance to read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Eleni

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