Not my Circus! Not My Monkeys!

I wrote this blog post a year ago, long before all the problems in Nicaragua. It took a revolution to spur us into action. I have many stories to tell, some very sad, others encouraging and inspiring. Stay tuned. Big changes are in the works for us!

Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua

I watched the talking heads on CNN the other night and suddenly realized that I was screaming at the TV, “Not my circus! Not my monkeys!”  When my anxiety decreased, I became aware that these two simple phrases have a lot of meaning in my life lately. Then, I burst out laughing.

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7 thoughts on “Not my Circus! Not My Monkeys!

  1. This is off topic but I wanted to share with you since you were a Warden. In Panama they now have re-named the Warden. It is now Citizen Liaison Volunteer.

  2. Just read the article in the Kingsport Times News. We knew Ron from swimming @ DB and Barracudas. The article did not outright state what you did with your Nicaraguan property. I’m deducing that you rented it out. If so, to whom (another expat or a Nicaraguan)? Are you planning on resettling in Jonesborough (after your friend’s lease is up)? Wishing you the best! (Ron was an awesome coach, great gentleman.)

    • Thanks, Juana. Yes, we rented our place on Ometepe Island to friends. At this point, we aren’t sure what we are going to do. We have a passion for traveling, and we may continue to travel the world until things settle down in Nicaragua. It feels so strange not to have a homebase in the world, but we are flexible and can adapt to almost anything…at least for a year. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. ❤️

  3. Debbie, I’m so glad this rolled in before |I logged off.. it’s always great to get your smoke signals, especially now!

    the battery’s almost dead, but I’ll read that other post again (It was wonderful first go round!) and will continue sending you empathy and energy… Don’t forget to make a hibiscus salad and smile while you enjoy it! Love you lots, Lisa

  4. Very curious to learn what you are up to. How is Ometepe and it’s lovely people? I know the revolution can’t help but affect you all though. It’s so sad to see what is going on, but maybe it’s how it has to be at the moment? We are thinking of you, y mi casa es su casa siempre.

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