School Days

“You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your volcano is waiting. So get on your way! ~ a variation of Dr. Seuss

Monday was the first day of school for most of the students in Nicaragua. I love the first day of school. I love the smells of sharpened pencils, shampooed hair, and new books. I love the excitement, attention, and motivation of the students preparing for a successful new school year.

This year, thanks to a generous donation to my library, Maxwell and I decided to buy  school uniforms for some of my favorite students who live nearby. Don’t you love this photo? They are always smiling!

One thing that always surprises me is that no one knows the sizes of uniforms for their children. Grandma said that they cannot afford to buy new clothes, so they never know what sizes will fit. We measured, asked their ages, and shopped for new uniforms, then returned with crisp white shirts, belted pants for the boys, and navy blue skirts for the girls.

The stores were wild in Moyogalpa. It appeared that everyone waited until the last moment to buy uniforms and school supplies. We lacked two skirts for the girls because they were all sold, so we will return the next week to see if new skirts were delivered to the stores.

The Education Department of the government provides backpacks filled with school supplies for the elementary students, and soon they will receive new school shoes.
Entering the library, there were bags and bags of backpacks waiting to be delivered to the students. In addition, they are ready to party with two piñatas stuffed with goodies.

Maxwell and I visited the new preschool classroom to wish the students a happy first day of school. There is a new preschool teacher and she had everything ready for her new class. They are adorable. I can’t wait to start reading to them.

The first and second grade class was busy with their first assignment of the year. In Nicaragua most elementary classrooms have two grades with one teacher. Normally, they split the class into two grades and face opposite directions to work on different assignments.

The third and fourth grade class stood at attention when Maxwell and I entered! Let’s see how long that lasts. LOL
The fifth and sixth grade class at the elementary school has grown over their summer break. They all looked so tall! Maxwell discussed some projects he is working on for the students that will involve research.

I am so excited about this school year in my library. The best news is that we will receive free internet from my service provider, GGNet. I will buy the equipment, such as the router, the dish, and the cable, and they will send a technician to install it after the 15th of this month. Thank you GGNet!!! I have many plans to introduce the internet world to the students and train the teachers in effective methods of teaching using the internet. I am thrilled!

We are off to great places! 

21 thoughts on “School Days

  1. What a great photo of some of your special students. I loved seeing the kids in their white shirts and blue skirts or pants when we were in Nicaragua and it was obvious that the children were groomed with great care and love. As always, when I read about your library Debbie, I am amazed at how it’s grown from a dream into a reality that introduces the joy of reading and learning to so many kids! Anita

  2. Hi Debbie! This is wonderful. I helped Kathi prepare the preschool here in El Congo on Sunday & I was there on the first day of school to introduce myself to the kids and give a little reading lesson. 🙂 Indeed it was so exciting! The full backpacks are SO amazing. I had not seen the green ones! I start dance classes with them next week. I hope to meet with you soon!

    • Hi Debbie. Im having an interesting time reading your Nica blogs. I hope to visiting Nicaragua soon. I will be binging with me all the stuff to make my giant soap bubble show! You can check this out on my Fb page – Flying soap. Lots of fun for all kids, everywhere, for free! Are you on Fb? I would really like to travel around doing this but I dont know how. A cheap car would be ok but how to do that with no residency . . . But theres always a way. Would love to come to the Island and do some shows . . Get in touch! Love from Northern Germany where its minus 8 c!!

  3. Wow, ‘Ometepe’ has come a long way – free internet? I remember when even the cyber cafes couldn’t stay connected to the www!!!! Those precious children – and their families –
    will forever remember your kind and lovely heart! Congratulations!

    • Lisa, we even have a fiber optic internet cable laid under the lake for fast internet. The two central parks on Ometepe have free internet, too. It is growing by leaps and bounds! And I remember 14 years ago when a little hardware store installed one computer connected to the internet, which sat between the nuts and bolts section of the store! Oh my, how times have changed. Hugs to you mi Amiga.

    • Good thinking, David. I usually only ask for donations of books. When I started my Library three years ago, I posted on different forums for people coming to Ometepe to bring children’s books. I was amazed how many books I got. I may do that if I can figure out how to include Paypal on my blog. 😜

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