Stranger Things in Nicaragua

“This is the strangest life I have ever known.” ― Jim Morrison

I recently binged on the Netflix series Stranger Things and it reminded me of the stranger things I’ve seen in Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the land of quirky! We lovingly refer to Nicaragua as the land of the not quite right. If you enjoy belly laughs and giggles at daily life, you will love living in Nicaragua because some days, You just gotta laugh.

As you can see, I fit right into the funky Nicaraguan lifestyle. Join me for a photo essay of Stranger Things I’ve seen in Nicaragua.

It all started when I purchased a coffee maker at MaxiPali. There were two coffee makers left on the shelf. One was a black five cup coffee maker, the other a ten cup white coffee maker. Other than the size, both were identical in their functions and brand. However, the black five cup coffee maker was 150 more cordobas than the larger white one. When I asked why, the clerk responded, “I am surprised that you don’t know that all black appliances are more expensive.” Hmmm…

If you are wondering why the license plate is sitting in front of the coffee maker, we had to buy a placa or plate for our motorcycle. We waited six years for the government to make license plates! Yes, six years! The strange thing about Nicaraguan license plates is that they don’t come with predrilled holes to screw the plate to the motorcycle. We had to drill the holes ourselves. Who does that?

Stranger Modes of Transportation

One day, the rodeo came to town. There are a variety of wacky rides for the kids, and you can also get your picture taken on a giant plastic horse. This was a tough move for the owner of the horse because he had to bring it from the mainland on the ferry. Imagine our surprise watching the rigamortised horse lifted off the ferry.

Our school kids ride chicken buses to school, and sometimes they ride motorcycles.

A chicken bus full of orphans on an outing got stuck on our beach one day. Orphan power unstuck the bus…after three hours of digging, pushing and pulling.

Our local fisherman caught a tarpon in his net. How does one get a tarpon to town to sell? On a bicycle built for one fat tarpon.

Finally, a pig has to get to market to market. That’s SOME PIG!

Stranger Shopping in Nicaragua

Wanna buy a cheap pair of Ivanka Trump shoes? The second-hand store is the place.

thanks to Sharon McRae for the photo

The bra salesman stopped  by my beach one day while I was raking leaves. I bought a bra!

Stranger Signs in Nicaragua

Our Concepcion volcano does tricks!

Seen in Managua! UH OH!

thanks to Darrell Bushnell for the photo

Nicaragua censorship.

thanks to Sharon McRae for the photo

Stranger Insects and Animals in Nicaragua

A Cane Toad got stuck in our wet vac.

A pink chick came to visit our chickens.

This is SOME SPIDER on our screen door. X marks her spot!

No rodeo would be complete without a monkey rider.

Odds and Ends Stranger Things in Nicaragua

Last week our bathroom sink was clogged and the water poured over our floor and into our bedroom. Ron had to dig up the pipe. Our mango tree had spread its roots into the pipe. Although I didn’t get a picture of our clogged pipe, when Jennifer Jerkins remodeled her bathroom, she encountered the same strange thing.

And to ‘end’ this little belly laugh, Nicaraguans have some strange pots for their plants.

Here’s wishing you a new year full of belly laughs and giggles. In Nicaragua sometimes you just gotta laugh at the stranger things. 

19 thoughts on “Stranger Things in Nicaragua

  1. Amiga, your post probably reached many at the perfect time to inject some humor into their end-of-year routines! I loved everything here, but that final image is priceless!!!! and inspiring! i wonder what my neighbors will think if i do the same with a pair of ragged jeans?!!!!

    Happy and healthy new year!

  2. I’ll never forget seeing families of 4 and 5 on a motorcycle taking the kids to and from school and I had to laugh at the thought of a door-to-door bra salesman and a monkey rodeo-rider. I think, however, that my favorite pic was of the jeans planters. I loved the intertwining of “necessity is the mother of invention” along with a sense of humor! P.S. We are currently re-watching “Stranger Things,” Season 1, with Canadian friends who are staying with us and had never seen it. Since we all have nasty colds/flu, we’re doing some binge-watching ourselves! Here’s wishing you and Ron a Happy 2018! Anita

  3. Reminds me of my time on the island. Here’s what I wrote when I was there:

    You know you’re in Nicaragua when:

    – you see smoke and think “volcano” not fire.
    – you are more shocked to see someone carrying a laptop than a machete.
    -the roads in the jungle are so bad, your 4-wheel drive truck is often passed by people on horses. And bikes. Okay, sometimes even people on foot pass you.
    -You use Cipro like a dietary supplement.
    -Your irradiated milk has a longer life expectancy than you do.
    -You randomly shout “pig” or “cow” when you drive, not as insults but as warnings of upcoming obstacles in the road.
    -You have notified Toyota that they may now include on the spec sheet for the 2004 Hilux that the truck beds have a maximum carrying capacity of 12 Nicas.
    -You beat the shower curtain before you bathe because it’s better to find roaches and scorpions before you’re naked with soap in your eyes.
    -You give a silent cheer every time you see a gecko INSIDE your house.
    -Howler monkeys are cute in zoos, not in the trees next to your house at 5:00 am.
    -You get a guilty thrill from flushing toilet paper.
    -Roosters who are set to Eastern Standard Time (i.e. crowing at 4:00 am) quickly become dinner.
    -You ALWAYS wear flip flops because it beats wearing a fly swatter or a can of Raid and one of those is needed on a daily basis.
    -Addresses are descriptive (i.e. 3 blocks south of the San Juan Hotel, 2 blocks towards the lake). It is assumed you know which lake is meant AND where the San Juan Hotel was once located even though it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1972 and never rebuilt).

  4. paint cans have no handles. My chest freezer was delivered on a motorcycle. But roots in pipes is pretty normal. The jeans planter is great and the sign is the cherry on top. Love this crazy place.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAAAA ..WOW …… THANKS FOR THE FUN SHOTS AND STORIES .. LOVED THE trump sign and the jean garden,,,, unique!!!!!!!

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