Let’s Play Ball!

“Never allow the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!” ― Babe Ruth

It should also be noted, never let the lack of a proper field or uniforms keep you from playing the game. Baseball is revered in Nicaragua. Our La Paloma team just received new uniforms and they look so jazzy!
Ron and I donated money for two uniforms and they put our names on the back. Ron’s name means rum in Spanish and when they showed us our names to be printed on the back of the uniforms, they wrote “Rom” instead of Ron. It took me a minute to realize that they were trying to spell “Rum” on his shirt. Haha!

There was a little parade on Sunday with a band, the players, managers, and family members dressed in their new uniforms, plus one lively town drunk who shook hands with everyone in the parade.
The players huddled in the field for directions from their coaches. The field is actually the soccer field, but it made no difference to this inspired group.

The Veterans lined up for a prayer. I asked if they were military veterans and everyone laughed. “No,” they chuckled. “They are old baseball players.”
Our team lined up and little Christopher was so proud to be standing beside his papa in his new uniform.
The catcher has my name on the back of his shirt. He is a great catcher and saved the day with several good catches.
Ron’s player gets ready to bat!
It was a fun day at the soccer field/baseball park. Although, I think I need to take up a collection for some benches and a scoreboard. And, maybe a few trash barrels. The wandering horses keep the grass low for now. But, I will be on the lookout for a lawn mower, too.

Both teams proved that they are fearless and not afraid of striking out for nothing keeps them from playing the game.

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