Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridging Gaps in Nicaragua

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Bridge.

For seven years I have tried to bridge cultural gaps in Nicaragua. One of the most difficult gaps to connect is the lack of reading for pleasure in Nicaragua. So, three years ago I started a children’s library in my small La Paloma Elementary School.

One day, I delivered office supplies to our local police department, and in turn Juan Carlos asked what he could do for me. I had just the thing! “Juan Carlos, how would you like to come to my library and read to the preschool class?” I asked. He was thrilled! And so were the preschoolers. Bridging the gap of reading is fun!

El Castillo on the Rio San Juan River in Nicaragua is literally a horse town. No cars here!  Boats, horses, donkeys, canoes, and a few foot bridges tie the communities along the river. To market to market to buy a fat pig!

Bridges can be vertical as well. My internet tower hooks me up to the world.

A narrow spit of volcanic sand unites the cows with precious water in the lake during the dry season.

Long spans of Irrigation pipes stretch into the lake to provide the farmers much-needed water during the dry season.

The best bridge builder of all is my resident spider on my front porch.

Finally, this bridge literally connects Nicaragua with Costa Rica. It is a border bridge.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridging Gaps in Nicaragua

  1. So many terrific photos that really show how remote your neighborhood and the surrounding areas are to some of the larger towns in Nicaragua. I especially loved learning about the no car village of El Castillo and seeing the cows on the spit of land. Great examples to use for the photo challenge, “bridge.”

    • Anita, in the dry season it is especially remote. The lakes and rivers recede, and we have large natural expanses of volcanic sand that bridge us closer to the mainland. Someday, with the devastating effects of global warming, we may even be able to walk to the mainland. Scary!

  2. All of the examples are great ones, though my mouth remains open while pondering that bridge… where oh where is that bridge?!!! It must be where there’s a ‘frontera’ to get stamped in and out of the two countries….. Hmmmm…

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