Weekly Photo Challenge: Life is Fleeting

The Weekly Photo Challenge is transient. 

Yesterday, I traveled to Managua on the mainland, and caught a glimpse of the clouds surrounding our island volcano. It was stunning, as if our sleeping beauty was hovering in air. It reminded me how fleeting our lives on this glorious planet are.

While in Mexico, we would sit in the park and watch the pigeons flitting and flying, always searching for a tidbit of food.
Life is brief…worth remembering! We are born, and then we die. New life springs up around a dead tree. Birth and death…an infinite cycle.
Climate affects the water levels in Yosemite National Park. It is incomprehensible to me how changeable the water levels can be.
Brisk fires and transitory beetle bark infestations destroy weak pines, but the hardy survive and new life springs forth from the barren ground.
We all want to leave our mark, some remembrance…We were here! We want to live our lives to their fullest no matter how temporary they may seem.
In this momentary life, wouldn’t it be awesome to capture it in a bubble?
Maybe only to stop for a moment and just BE?
“There are ultimately two choices in life: to fight it or to embrace it. If you fight it you will lose – if you embrace it you become one with it and you’ll be lived.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Life is Fleeting

  1. Nice words…. great thoughts…. and yes – time to ponder life it’s very self. Thanks for sharng Debbie…. as always.

  2. Just gorgeous photos ,,,all of them , Love them!!!!!!
    I’m on my way to Antigua ….. house hunting , renting there for a year while I decide if I will stay there …or nearby..
    can’t seem to find the place I want to build ..come real close and then ,,,theres always something I don’t quite like ,,
    i know theres no heaven on earth ,,
    Oh well, its an”””” adventure!!!”””””
    Light and blessings to ya,

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