Travel Can Be Exhausting

We have been traveling since March…three countries…eleven airplanes…two hotels…four Airbnbs…two casa particulars…one train…too many buses and taxis to count…one boat…one rental car…and stayed in two houses ( our house and our son’s house). We still have seven airplanes booked…one eye operation…two hotels…one rental car…a taxi…a ferry…and one tuk tuk before we arrive home on Ometepe Island.


We are in Yosemite National Park visiting our son, who is an interpretive naturalist. No matter how many times we visit, the beauty of this park awes and inspires me. Also, it is a perfect place to hike and enjoy the amazing scenery.

The waterfalls gush with the icy snow melt. I have never seen so much water in Yosemite before. Booming…thunderous water crashes and sprays all around us.

Wildflowers bloom…vivid spring green transforms the valley…there is no better place to be than with my two favorite men.

We will be busy for the next two weeks. I plan on going to all of Cory’s programs like the astronomy program called Starry Skies, the nature stroll, the historical Ahwahnee Hotel, and the night prowl to look for Yosemite’s night creatures. Then I want to take the photography and watercolor classes, as well as hike everyday.

I wont be posting much until we return to Ometepe Island in June, and then it will depend on how my eye surgery goes. Wish me luck. I have many beautiful sights yet to see in this incredible world of ours.

16 thoughts on “Travel Can Be Exhausting

  1. Debbie, I am glad you’re enjoying your trip and your family. I hope everything goes well with your eye surgery. I am in Nicaragua right now. It’s so nice to be here . I enjoy so much how people care about each other. I know that street dogs are not well treated here. I think that could change if the government and people like us help them. I honestly worry more about people who loves dogs but hates other human beings ( LGBTQ , immigrants, or anybody who is just different than them)
    I’ll be back in Long Beach CA next week. Maybe next time we come to Nicaragua we’ll finally meet you.
    Abrazos 🤗

  2. Yes Debbie you sure have been everywhere!!! Hope you enjoy the special time with Cory and embrace the beauty of the park. Good luck with your eye surgery. Will be thinking of you

    • Isn’t that photo funny? It was in the Sacramento, CA airport. I’ll bet the planning for your trip is exhausting because you have such a large family to visit. I find that once the planning is done, then I am more relaxed. Thanks for your good wishes! Hugs from Yosemite.

  3. Travel can definitely be exhausting, but I have to say I envy you being able to be in Yosemite for two weeks! I was there in early spring with our older daughter for about a day and a half and it was marvelous. I hadn’t been there since I was a child, so I didn’t really remember it. Although much of the park is closed until May, there was still so much beauty and many places to go.


    • Janet, we are so lucky because Cory has an apartment in Yosemite Valley and we can stay with him. This weekend it is really, really crowded! We prefer visiting in the fall, but most tourists are on the main Valley trails, so we can hike in complete solitude just a short distance from the main trails.

      • What a blessing! It’s so expensive to stay there for even just a night. A family would spend a fortune and it’s really too far to stay outside the park and come in every day. I guess camping is the only reasonable way, but I don’t know how much that is or how early you have to reserve.

        • Janet, the tents are over $100 a day and if you camp and bring your own tent it is about $20 a night. Everything in the valley is expensive…the food, the restaurants, bike rentals, and programs. It makes me wonder how families can afford to stay here.

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