Humans of Cuba

“Do not waste your time looking at my life, use it to fix yours.” 

A photo gallery of Cuban life. There is a story behind every photo. I will let you write it.

And one more…doesn’t he look like Roberto Clemente?


13 thoughts on “Humans of Cuba

    • My next post will be about Airbnbs in Cuba. We stayed at several Airbnbs and several Casa Particulars. Before we left, we exchanged dollars for Euros and then exchanged them for CUCs without a 10% commission off the top. In fact, there was no commission for exchanging Euros for CUCs.

  1. Thanks for the Cuba posts. Brings back fond memories of our ’88 first major trip. We thought very seriously about returning there this year, but maybe next. I would have to look through the photo albums but I believe 4 or 5 of the 6 enlarged and framed vacation pictures that hang in our home were taken in Cuba and probably near Veradero. They are people pictures similar to yours.
    Thanks again.

  2. Stunning photographs, Deb. Would love to know these people’s stories–I’ll bet they’re fascinating! I’d be interested to hear some comparisons between Cuba and Nicaragua–what is similar and what is very different.

    • I talked with a few of the people when I asked them if I could take their photos. The street cleaner with the Obama button and the farmer working in the field smoking his cigar had amazing stories.
      There are so many stories to write about Cuba and so little time. I will have to spend the month of April writing about Cuba, and the month of May writing about Mexico.

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