Humans of Nicaragua: Think Potential

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”
― William Faulkner

When we first rented our little beach shack in 2004, we dreamed about buying it and remodeling, planting fruit trees, raising a big garden, and building a guest house. When we were ready to move permanently to Ometepe Island, we found the owner of the beach shack and asked if we could buy it. And the rest is history.

The possibilities are endless when building on Ometepe Island. Friends from Slovakia had a dream. They searched for beachfront property and found their piece of paradise near Moyogalpa.

They rented a house near their property. Before they could start building, they had to clear the land and burn brush. Then, they dug a long trench and laid water pipes for their new trees and vegetation. It hasn’t been easy and the challenges are great, but they are on their way to fulfilling their dreams.

They started by building a wall out of sand filled earth bags. Their land is at sea level and is prone to flooding. The earth bag retaining wall will protect their house and gardens. Plus, in experimenting with the challenges of earth bag construction, they decided that their house would be built with bricks instead.

There are no electric lines to their property. Their daily tales of trying to get electric to their property are filled with frustration and descriptions of the hoops that they must jump through. The requirements to get electricity seem to change daily. If you live in Central America, I know you understand!

Everything is built by hand without electric tools. They made a tall, strong foundation for their house, incase the lake floods like it did in 2010. That year, the flood washed away the fishermen’s village on the sandy path to their house.

Tony lays all the brick and Danela is in charge of the landscaping. The bricks are handmade on Ometepe. They hired several local laborers to help them build their house.

A nice view of our active Concepcion volcano from the back of their property.
They planted a field of palms and coconut trees and in the field behind the coconut trees they planted a type of cane to feed the cow and calf they bought.

Tony and Danela came to our house and dug a bunch of my flowers. She grouped them in a circle so they are easier to water during the dry months and when the rains start and they are well rooted, she will transplant them.

Their beach is clean and raked. They have such a lovely property. I can’t wait to see the finished projects. But, like us, they will continue to expand and there is always room for new projects.

Their plans are to have small hostel, shower rooms,a small pool, and a campground. They are shooting higher than they think they can do! I have no doubts that these creative and hardworking Slovakians have found their passion and will fulfill their dreams.

All you need is the ability to see the potential, and then you can make your dreams come true.

What are your dreams? 

8 thoughts on “Humans of Nicaragua: Think Potential

  1. Dreams also take you on unexpected journeys… too….

    as we are not the God we think we are ..

    a mightier and greater force plays a huge part and carries us to different waters , depending on the will , trust and testament of Gods force,,,

    He always has a greater plan, and if you’re open to this ,,you will be led!

    Im very unexpectedly packing and heading to Guatemala… a real turn of fate…

    and as I pack and replay my journey in my mind… I realized just how minut we really are in our so called ability to control our lives and those around us!!!

    Altho Im very surprised , my life once again lets me know…Im not the one in control here….and to let God lead the way. ..and to go with that flow with trust and faith.

    So I’m heading to Antigua and Lake Atitlan .. to an area where I will for starters do a lot more …service work.
    In August I get to return to San Miguel in the Azores to actually visit other islands there
    shoot a wedding in September, and visit a few friends I made in my short 3 months there ….

    but now windows have opened up more with a greater breeze to the unforeseen……..

    Life is an adventure and new dreams for Guate swirl thru my head ….

    but with even greater understanding……

    only God has the real plan … and dreams change their course.

    Light and life ,

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