Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

The weekly photo challenge is The Road Taken

“Roads are long; make them short with a good company!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

When we have visitors, we always take them to Charco Verde on Ometepe Island. I’ve written about this beautiful place many times, Place Where the Gods Pee.  Yet, we always discover new things along the path taken through the Charco Verde Nature Reserve. 
The path starts in a field of flowering vines and plantains.
img_0768It leads to a boardwalk and a dirt trail that circles the Charco Verde Nature Reserve.
Four Places on Ometepe Island to Study, Love, and Stay Close to Nature

The Howler monkeys chatter in the treetops and their loud howls can be heard reverberating throughout the reserve.
img_3148The bark of a Jinote tree is colorful and fragile.
img_3143If you look closely near the jungle floor, you may see bugs mating!
img_3120Turtles stretch their necks out of their shells and sunbathe on the rocks.
img_3122Butterflies perch on flower heads hunting nectar.
img_3018Charco Verde has a butterfly sanctuary. I still have to find the Blue Morph. He is hiding in the sanctuary somewhere.
img_3140There are benches stationed along the trail to rest and take in the beautiful scenery.
img_3042And finally, at the end of the road, there are always cold drinks waiting for us at the restaurant on the lake.
img_3165Our roads are always short with good company!

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

  1. We loved our stay at the Chaco Verde Hotel (late spring, 2014)and walked the path several times because the howler monkeys were so much fun to watch. I especially remember the Butterfly House (which I think may have just opened ?) and spending a couple of enchanted hours watching the butterflies. So peaceful! Anita

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