Weekly Photo Challenge: Ometepe Island is a Good Match for Us

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: A Good Match

Ometepe Island has been a good match for us to retire abroad because…

Our island and volcanoes go hand in hand

img_1365Charco Verde lagoon is in harmony with nature.

Semana Santa pilgrimages are in accord with Catholic traditions.
img_1291Children blend with parks and playgrounds.
img_4686Cats and hot tin roofs go together.
img_4980During the rainy season lightning and thunder partner for excellent shows.
lighteningButterflies go well with watermelon.
img_3013Hand processed cocoa beans and hot chocolate compliment each other.
img_6764During the dry season water pumps and irrigation pipes work together to provide much-needed water.
img_1432Children and my elementary school library books synchronize reading and pleasure.
marthaWeddings and balloons conform with love and marriage.
img_5027Ancient forts and hills consort to provide protection and security.
img_6937Ferries and water equal transportation to and from Ometepe Island.
img_3353Who needs school busses when grandfathers and motorcycles get together?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ometepe Island is a Good Match for Us

  1. I am so sorry. I sent you an email by mistake…..I always forward your emails to my best friend , but I forgot to change the address….regards, Laura ….bye


  2. I’m always amazed when I see Central American children riding on a motorcycle crossbar. In Phila you wouldn’t get 1 mile without being arrested!

  3. Theres nothing like a great match!!!!

    I leave here next week to live in Antigua , Guatemala for a month , then off to live in Lake Atitlan for a year ……unless that changes ..

    I love San Miguel ,,in the Azores and will back here in August …going to Santa Maria Island for a music fest ,,and to shoot a destination wedding here in San Miguel..

    ..but an odd quirk happened that was out of my control …
    so… off I go ,,with mom and dog ……..to another place …
    I will be doing even more …service work too.

    Life is unpredictable , and unexpected things happen all the time ,,,

    Im surrendering …and

    lightening my load even more…what an adventure !!!!!

    Will be near to Nicaragua and Costa Rica tho…….

    Love the photos , and you’ve certainly made your lil piece of heaven …..heavenly!

    Much Light ,

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