Humans of Nicaragua: Ever and Blanca Build New Lives Together

“It is such a happiness when good people get together — and they always do.”
― Jane Austen

Valentine’s Day was also the wedding day of Ever and Blanca. I’ve written about Ever before in Humans of Nicaragua: Ever Builds a New Community. And now, Ever and Blanca are building their new lives together.

img_5018For me, Nicaraguan weddings are a wondrous act of simplicity, creativity, and love. The whole family pitches in to create an atmosphere tingling with joyful camaraderie.

Ever’s father sat by the door drinking homemade fruit juice and greeting the families, neighbors, and friends who entered dressed in their finest party clothes.

img_3099Since the wedding took place in Blanca’s modest home, the kids all gathered on the couches, played with the boda balloons, and thumb wrestled with Ron.

img_3088Balloons never fail to entertain rambunctious children.
img_3095Ever’s Uncle Foster presided over the ceremony, while Ever kept a watchful eye on any misbehaving children during prayer time.

img_5027Ever and Blanca’s grandmothers attended the wedding. We heard from one person that Don Cabo, Ever’s grandfather, was home sick in bed. But, when we asked one of his granddaughters, she said he was in excellent health. Maybe it was lost in translation, but I missed Don Cabo because he is always the life of all parties.

img_5028Is their any doubt why Ever’s beautiful bride was named Blanca? Ever’s mother is the community cake baker and of course she proudly showed me the wedding cake she made.

img_3090She was disappointed that the icing slid off the cake in some places. Blame our tropical heat! Regardless, it was delicious!

After the ceremony, the women tended to the hungry guests with plates overflowing with rice, chicken, tortillas, and other traditional Nicaraguan party food.

img_3091Soon, the babies fell asleep with full bellies and our taxi driver arrived to take us home to the other side of the island.

We enjoyed this wedding so much because we knew almost everyone. The families of Los Ramos have been our extended family for over 12 years. Too bad we had to leave before they brought out the homemade wine! We heard later the party was just getting started when we left and knowing this large family, it included lots of dancing.


Hooray for Nicaraguan weddings! It is easy to see their priorities are on family over pretentious showy weddings. Gotta love Nicaragua! They understand the happiness when good people get together…and they always do!

Congratulations Ever and Blanca!

3 thoughts on “Humans of Nicaragua: Ever and Blanca Build New Lives Together

  1. I remember your previous story of Ever and how fun to get an update on his life. Loved your picture of the kids blowing up the balloons and the whole party looked like loads of fun, right down to the cake melting in the heat. Being part of a community is such an important part of a happy life,isn’t it Deborah? Anita

  2. Looks like a great celebration! We always end up leaving parties early. Sometimes Mary and I leave after mid-night and the hosts are disappointed because we are leaving before the meal is served! We esplain that we can not eat that late often send home a plate or come by the next day with cake. Ecuadorian families celebrate well into the night like NIcaraguan familes do.

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