Weekly Photo Challenge: The Path of Least Resistance

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Path.

“If you limit your choice to only what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.”
― Robert Fritz

I have never followed the path of least resistance. Yet, as I grow older and wiser with an accumulation of life experiences, I sometimes find myself choosing the path of least resistance, simply because it is smoother, easier, and less stressful.

It certainly doesn’t mean that I have fewer choices. My choices are still endless. But, I do believe that compromise is a valuable asset depending on the situation.

I do not invest in compromise in my human spirit, seeking the truth, or remaining true to my core values. I will not seek the path of least resistance in the areas of justice and human rights. As Henry David Thoreau said,”The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.”

img_3401The times I choose not to go down the path of least resistance, I find out what really matters to me. I am challenged to make my life more than the acquisition of money or materialistic things.
img_3882Through not choosing the path of least resistance, I have gained a better appreciation of self-understanding…a meaningful identity that reveals everything, and expands me culturally and intellectually.
img_2868Following the path of nonresistance is not easy. It takes faith, a willingness to embrace life with vigor, and a calculated risk-taking attitude that enables one to leap into the unknown fearlessly.

img_3342I try to resist the natural tendency to follow the path of least resistance because it has made me stronger and more powerful.
img_3567Yet, there are situations when following the path of least resistance are perfectly acceptable. You don’t punch a mentally challenged person, even if he punched you first. You don’t get into a political rant with your mother and vow to never talk to her again. You take the path of least resistance. I have learned to save my energy for more important battles.
img_2139Sometimes the path of least resistance is a valuable tool. For example…comedy.
Kevin Grevioux takes the path of least resistance in his comedy acts. He says, “For a lot of people, comedy is the path of least resistance. I mean, even against mainstream, it is easier to sell comedy than drama.” I know that is true with the Saturday Night Live political skits.
img_2180I don’t believe that I am a failure if I take the path of least resistance. It is all about balance.  There is a third option. Make your own path. Sometimes that’s the only way to fulfill your passions for catching the big fish in the lake.


My photos of various paths in New Zealand. The last photo is our path on Ometepe Island to the big fish. 

What path do you usually take and why? 

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Path of Least Resistance

  1. You captured so many intriguing paths, very much reflecting the diversity of paths available to different people, the paths we create through our lifelong habits and routines, and perhaps how different life experiences require and forge unique paths…

  2. I like your third option – making your own path! I love the fact that you are following it all the way to Washington at the beginning of 2017 and wish I could be with you in showing the incoming administration that women do not support racism, misogeny, religious intolerance nor the callous indifference to the right to a good education and health care. Good on ya, Deborah! Anita

  3. wow, i thought that second photo was of that trail on ometepe! great photos, and great insight… yes, one learns to adapt when possible and allow Life to guide us — through difficult trails and through lovely pastoral ones!

    how are your hands, btw? mine are better unless I grasp something and hold that pose for a while..like walking from the market with a load of produce… many times the hand spasms or freezes… otherwise, the pain is much better…

    chikungunya is evil, so i am now more guarded along those mosquito-populated paths!

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