Weekly Photo Challenge: Zealously Riding the TranzAlpine Train

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Anticipation.

We were looking forward to our TranzAlpine Train trip across the Southern Alps in New Zealand.  It was an overcast and rainy day,  but it didn’t stop our enthusiasm for the world’s most scenic train ride.

As we climbed through the snow-covered mountains, the photographer’s car buzzed with excitement.
img_2396What surprises would we find around the next bend, we wondered with anticipation.
img_3985The clouds blanketed the Southern Alps with greediness, almost as if to say, “Be patient with your yearnings.”
img_2439Suddenly, we were surrounded with darkness as we passed through a tunnel. With a fervorous pitch, we howled with impatience. Yet, we knew there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 
img_4009The mountain teased us with its cloud covered splendor. We longed for the clouds to rise.
img_4028Instead, the clouds sank to the ground so we could peek at her majestic apex. We snapped, snapped, snapped in gusto!
img_2421At the train station in Arthur’s Pass, we waited with ravenous hunger for more…more vistas…more splendor.
img_4098And we weren’t disappointed. The clouds rose with alacrity and we were bestowed with joy.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zealously Riding the TranzAlpine Train

  1. Great pictures, but I loved your use of ‘fancy’ words even more!

    I invariably enjoy your erudite writings with its gingerbread crumbs of sumptuous phraseology! *GRIN*

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