Is Nature a Person?

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”
― Mark Twain

Traveling through New Zealand during our US Presidential election has been enlightening…to say the least. The Kiwis are dumbfounded and they, along with the rest of the world, shake their heads in disbelief. The dark side of our human nature has been exposed to the world like the dark side of the moon that never shows itself.

Human nature is very puzzling, yet even more mind bending is the perspective of New Zealanders that nature can be legislated to become a person. What a profound impact on our world if we could legislate our environment and treat it as Mother Nature intended.

Our baby…our only path to survival. New Zealanders take their guardianship of nature seriously.

We are the guardians…



We are the protectors…


We do not have dominion over all…


15 thoughts on “Is Nature a Person?

  1. Beautiful photos Deborah and I love the fact that New Zealanders cherish the beautiful country in which they live. The US has much left to do in safeguarding its air, water and lands and I’m really afraid by the environmental mess we’ll leave our children, especially if more protections are dismantled. I’ve been wrapping myself in a protective cocoon the last couple of days, feeling shattered and disillusioned and need to be reminded that there is indeed much beauty in the world as well as people who care. Thank you! Anita

    • I know exactly how you feel, Anita. Yesterday, the Green Party in New Zealand refused to congratulate Trump. The YouTube video in Parliament expressed my feelings perfectly as to the environmental mess we will leave our children and grandchildren.
      There is still so much beauty in the world and that is what I have to concentrate on now.

  2. I never talk about politics either, but I’m a Trump supporter and I’m glad he won. I really think he can do the job. Only time will let us know, but he should be given a chance. Hillary has way too much baggage in my opinion. Anyone else would be in jail right now. I think America will be okay.

  3. Good work! I love that image — looking skyward to/through the treetops…

    Of course Nature is a person – she’s our great great great great – to the umpeenth-power grandmother, and we’ve not done a great job of honoring her!

    The election prompted people into talking, and now that everyone is stirred up, maybe they wil become more proactive, esp in honor of Mother Nature.

    Thanks for sharing what they’re doing ‘over there…’

    • Lisa, a friend sent me the video this morning, and then I had a long discussion with our host as to what the New Zealanders do to protect their environment. I was so impressed, I just had to send a little nudge to my friends in the states.
      My family is from PA and many of them are seeing more and more problems with unregulated fracking. Their water sources are now contaminated and there are more earthquakes. It worries me so.

      • new zealand definitely has earthquake worries, and fracking is surely a huge worry for anyone who suffered from the christchurch quake. thinking of that made me recall my own worries when i realize someone served me a drink sweetened with aspartame.. i all but spit it across the room… how must they feel when they know the dangers, and stubborn/greedy people ignore them? thanks for your feedback on that…

        the video keeps showing up on lots of bogs – i am so glad that it’s affecting others and that they are sharing it as well…

    • Oh, Darrell. I tried not to expound on this statement because I really didn’t want to get into politics. However, since you asked….I am terribly worried as to the direction our country may take in all areas, particularly environmental. How could we elect a POTUS that doesn’t believe climate change is real? How could we elect a POTUS that brings out the darkest side in everyone, the side that we have all kept hidden until Trump…the hateful, revengeful, bigoted, misogynistic side of us? I could say more, but I’ll stop here and try to,focus on the positive, loving side.

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