14 thoughts on “How We Lost Saturday

  1. Debbie, this is profound, metaphysical stuff. I find enough challenge in Mexico’s change to Standard Time (yesterday morning), when I call my sister in New Jersey (still on DST) and normally one hour later than us. But I managed o.k. Our computers update automatically, so they create a standard base for resetting our other timepieces. Meanwhile, you have transited the International Date Line, which is much more confounding.

    Your Fiji lodgings looks swank. Will you be telling us about that, and about Fijian cuisine?

    Don Cuevas

    • Oh no! I totally forgot about the Standard time change. Now, I am even more confused. All I know is that we are 19 hours ahead of Nicaragua.
      Michael, 50% of the population is from India, so the cuisine is spicy with lots of curry dishes. We are staying in an Airbnb in a gated community. I love Airbnbs but this is our first experience in gated community and I find it isolating. We are insulated from the culture and the real world of Fiji. But, it has given us a chance to relax and acclimate from our long flight.
      I will write more about our experiences when we return in December.

  2. We haven’t crossed the International Dateline (yet) but it has to be disconcerting to lose a whole day. Your description of time as a “…wrinkle in a linear line” reminded me of my all-time favorite book, “A Wrinkle in Time” where time could be a point on a string and 2 points could touch to allow the jump. But, whatever the time or day Deborah, there’s no doubt that you’re in a little piece of paradise. Enjoy! Anita

  3. I’ve never crossed the dateline, but losing even hours is disconcerting, so I can imagine what a day is like. It really is an odd think to contemplate, but as Heidi says, just have a great time, no matter the day.


  4. Way back in 1972 was waiting for a flight in Sydney, Australia at 4:00 PM on Saturday afternoon. I took a ten and a half hour flight to Hawaii and laid over for a spell and then a four hour flight to Los Angeles. My flight there was delayed and as I called my family to advise them of the delay I noticed the time was 4:00 PM that same Saturday! Captain Cook never would believe it!

    Have a great trip and please do keep in touch! JandM

  5. Got back from Australia two weeks ago and am just now starting to be able to sleep through the night without waking up and 1 or 2am and be unable to go back to sleep. I had the same thoughts as you about the time change, especially returning when We flew for 30 hours and yet arrived in JFK the same day we left Australia! The gift is in able to literally around the world and yet still watch the presidential debate in real time as I did two weeks ago. Time though different does not stand for anyone.

  6. I’ve never crossed the International Dateline, but I gained an hour, last night. You could have that one, Debbie, but I’m afraid I’ve already used it up… sorry!

  7. Its all in a day …..or a night ….or when ever

    and really who cares …

    just be happy in the PRESENT … cuz isn’t that what is is ???

    A GIFT ????

    EN …JOY YOUR TIME !!!!!!

    Blessings and Light ,

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