Weekly Photo Challenge: My Beacon of Home

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Local.

“There’s no limit to the human capacity for the homing sentiment.”
~ Edward Abbey

Like a beacon, our Concepcion Volcano on Ometepe Island is my guide home.

From the bell tower in Granada, Concepcion shows me the way home.

img_8374Concepcion volcano points the way home from the ferry in San Jorge.

As we get closer, Concepcion signals home with puffs of smoke from the depths of her restless bowels. Go back to sleep my gorgeous beacon.
img_1365Concepcion is our signpost that we have arrived.
img_2331From the air, her presence dominates the view.
img_7279Concepcion is the homing device in our backyard. On clear days, we can see both Concepcion, our active volcano, and Maderas, our dormant volcano.
img_9947While kayaking, she is our compass to lead us home.
kayakingFlying into our airport is a dramatic experience as Conception looms in front of the landing planes.
img_2319No matter where we are on Ometepe, we are always guided home by our magnificent sleeping giant.
concepcion-from-san-joseWe live in peace as she guards over us. She is truly our beacon of home.
from-other-sideWhat is your Beacon of Home? 

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