An Update on Our Plunge Pool

I’ve done my water therapy exercises for my knee at La Punta Resort. But we have had many afternoon thunderstorms just as we are getting ready to leave for the pool. So, we filled up our plunge pool so I can do modified knee exercises.

The last time I wrote about our pool, we had started on the landscaping. These stone pathway forms are wonderful for a small patio, garden paths, and even a driveway.
landscaping-around-poolThe finished patio gives us easy access to the pool and keeps the dirt from accumulating in the pool.

We bought a small pool filter in the states. The only pool filters we could find in Nicaragua were for large pools.
another-pool-photoIt still looked bare around the pool, so we explored a variety of plants that would grow rapidly and spread.
pool-before-landscapingWe choose lemon grass and wandering jew because lemon grass can repel mosquitoes and wandering jew spreads over the ground rapidly. Perfect for our south-facing area.
img_1846Queenie says, “Is it time to eat yet? Are you going to feed me or stay in that pool?”

Not a bad $400 investment. I highly recommend plunge pools because they are easy to keep up, use a small amount of water which can be refilled in three hours with a garden hose, and it is really refreshing on our hot days! Plus, it is a pretty cool place to rehabilitate my knee.

If you missed my post about building our plunge pool…A Plunge Pool in Progress

16 thoughts on “An Update on Our Plunge Pool

  1. It really looks lovely. Is the filter working ok with the pump higher than the water and the hoses just dangling?
    I ask because we want to build a plunge pool and I’m wondering if we should build it with pipes built into the pool or if this simpler set up works ok.

    • Thanks, Trekking. Queenie is one of our three rescued cats. She has an obsession with food, and she is very affectionate, especially at dinner time. That is our water tower. We had it built by our local welder. Do a search on my blog for raising the water tower. It was amazing to watch them built it on its side and raise it with ropes.

  2. Very nice, love the paving stones, need to put the forms on my list for the next trip back to US, lemon grass, great idea and it looks good . We’re thinking of putting a pool in next year, nothing big, but a bit bigger than a plunge pool. Great job, glad you’re enjoying it and Queenie is a cutie 🙂

    • Thanks. At first we bought the chlorine tablets and the floating dispenser, but now we find that regular chlorine works just as well. Ron has a little pool tester for the water and he takes care of the ph, adding muriatic acid , I think, as needed. He is the pool water expert because he spent his career as a swim coach and pool technician, so he knows that stuff.

    • They probably would have done them freehand, but we bought them through Amazon and brought them back. The forms made our projects so much easier. We just had to experiment with them and dig out a foundation for the forms because if we put them on top of the ground, they would be washed away with our torrential rains. We learned that the hard way.

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