The Best Water Therapy Resort on Ometepe Island

“The water doesn’t know how old you are.” ― Dara Torres

I’ve started water therapy exercises for my knee. I love the feeling of freedom walking in the water. Although we live on the beach and have a plunge pool, neither are suitable for water therapy exercises. We’ve been going to Moyogalpa to swim and exercise in the Hotel Nicaraus pool. Yesterday, they told us that they were going to drain the pool and repair it. Time to look for another pool close to our house.

Hotel La Punta is our new hot spot located a short five-minute drive from our house at Punta Jesus Maria.

img_1570The hotel recently opened, but it is the slow season. Today we had our own private resort.


My swim coach and certified pool operator husband cleaned the pool for them.

img_2305La Punta Hotel is fantastic. It is completely solar-powered including cable TV, air-conditioned rooms, hot water, and wi-fi. I asked them if they have encountered any problems with their solar-powered hotel. “Not yet, they replied, but the hotel just opened and we haven’t been full.

img_2310There are small thatched roof picnic areas that provide shade and a large thatched roof area for larger groups of people.

img_2309The landscaping is beautiful with a variety of flowers and trees.

img_2311Rooms start at $50 and go up to $100 depending on the size and the amenities provided. The veranda has cozy chairs and hammocks overlooking the lake. Currently, they offer breakfast, but during the high season, which starts in November, they will open the restaurant.

img_2313It is idyllic. They haven’t started marketing La Punta, yet. If you want to make a reservation, you can go to Hotel Nicaraus on Trip Advisor and make reservations for La Punta because they have the same owner.

After an hour of water therapy and a Toña beside the pool, it was time to head home through the tree covered lane, over the jocotes ( kind of like plums) littering the path.

img_2317Last stop before our house on the beach…quite a view of our sleeping beauty at the airport, right?

img_2319 I love the water because it is forgiving and it doesn’t care how old I am. 🙂
We will return tomorrow, La Punta. My knee is responding well to water therapy. And we couldn’t have found a more relaxing and idyllic setting.

13 thoughts on “The Best Water Therapy Resort on Ometepe Island

  1. We miss the pool we had at our former home and the exercises we used to do there. I have been thinking about checking with the local Palmazul hotel to see if they would let me use their pool to exercise my knees. Your post may have given me the added incentive to do that.

    Keep up the exercise and your knees and body will thank you!

    • Ed, no worries. La Punta is on the right on the tree covered lane that leads to Punta Jesus Maria. The entire Punta Jesus Maria has been refurbished. There are several new cabanas that are now restaurants, a parking area, and small thatched shaded areas line the beach. It is beautiful, too. My only concern is that tourists have to pay a little to enter Punta Jesus Maria, but anyone with a cedula gets in for free.
      More locals have work there because the little restaurants are only given to locals for their businesses. The owner of La Punta Hotel is the owner of the Che ferry. He only hires local people to manage his hotels. Overall, I think it is a win-win for Ometepe.

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