Weekly Photo Challenge: Living on the Edge

“And God said come to the edge.” “I can’t. I’m afraid.” “Come to the edge.” “I can’t. I’ll fall” “Come to the edge.” I went to the edge and God pushed me…….and I flew.”― Guillaume Apollinaire

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Edge.

My family and I live on the edge. And when we come to the edge…we jump. The edge is just the beginning of our lives, jumping into the unknown is the adventure.

At the peak of the Swiss Alps without our high-heeled shoes!
img_8197On the brink of discovery in a Brazilian cave.

Camping on the threshold of a spiritual change along the Inca Trail in Peru.
img_8154We discover new life at the tip of the cliffs in Portugal.
img_8102A portal connecting the ancient and modern awaits us in Cartagena, Colombia.
img_1188At the top of the bell tower in Granada, Nicaragua we can see the peak of our Concepcion volcano on Ometepe Island.
img_8360Our hometown in Tennessee is ringed by hay bails.
img_7912From the lip of the boat, we explore the Rio San Juan in Nicaragua.
img_6867From the ledge on our regular ferry, we check the clouds hovering over our sleeping volcano.
img_8350Even Flat Stanley came to the edge of the field of flowers when he visited us.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Living on the Edge

    • Haha! He’s cute, huh? Flat Stanley is a second grade project in many schools in the USA. The kids decorate Flat Stanley and send him off on adventures around the world. Flat Stanley came to visit me in Nicaragua and we took him on a great adventure, then retuned him to his second grade class in the states.

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