Our Road Less Traveled

“Life is complex.
Each one of us must make his own path through life. There are no self-help manuals, no formulas, no easy answers. The right road for one is the wrong road for another…The journey of life is not paved in blacktop; it is not brightly lit, and it has no road signs. It is a rocky path through the wilderness. ”
― M. Scott Peck
A Rocky Path…
Main Street Moyogalpa is getting a facelift. Five weeks ago it was a perilous path to negotiate with my crutches. Our road less traveled was piled with many obstacles…mounds of dirt, weathered paving stones stacked and wobbling in the wind, and barbed wire blocking all exits and entrances to the main street.

It was a perfect analogy for my life at the time because the journey through life is always under construction. I.Get.That.Now.

img_2257Life is complex…

The process of building a new road fascinates me. It is not an easy task. In Nicaragua, everything is done by hand. The old paving stones were removed one by one. Then the workers drenched in sweat from the afternoon sun, shoveled down to the road bed removing piles of dirt which were carted away in wheelbarrows and horse carts.

The workers mixed the cement by hand first by dumping a bag of cement into a pile, then they made a small hole in the center of the cement, gradually added water, and mixed it like cake batter until the mixture was perfect. It reminded me of our dormant volcano Maderas, with the crater lake on the top.  No machines were used in the entire process.

img_2259They leveled the foundation of the new road, then the cement mixture, now called concrete, was dumped on top, like icing on a cake, and using a large piece of wood, they smoothed the concrete, thus preparing the foundation for the paving stones.

img_2264The new road was made higher in the center so the rain water will rush to the sides of the road and carry the runoff to the lake. One day, we had a downpour and the new road looked like a large wading pool. We had to wade across the street to go to the grocery store. Ah yes…the journey of life has no self-help manual. Sometimes you just have to wade through the muck.

img_2263The new paving stones were neatly stacked on the side of the road, waiting for the concrete foundation to dry. Then, one by one, the paving stones were placed on the road like a mega puzzle and pushed closely together.

Finally, when the paving stones were in place, the last step was to fill the cracks with concrete, wait until it dried…and voila! Our road less traveled was once again a smooth and easy path through the marvels of the main street of our lives.

Baby steps! My journey through life is an analogy of the process of our road construction. Sometimes the paths are blocked, sometimes you have to wade through a lot of muck and it isn’t easy. But once you are able to maneuver past the construction and the dirt, the road gets smoother.

Life is a road always in need of repairs. And no machine or manual is there to get you through the hazardous spots in the road. Life is a process of baby steps and wrong turns and blocked roads. But, oh what a rewarding journey, if you are willing to follow your own unique path.

Do you have a road less traveled? 

11 thoughts on “Our Road Less Traveled

  1. I take my adventures on the road , everyday. One road always lead to another but I’ve chosen not to do it myself …what a burden that would be to me .
    I hold the hand of my Father and his Son , Jesus Christ and always ,,,,always….
    ask them to lead me …
    and Im happy to say with GREAT THANKS ,I hear ,and follow .
    I never am led astray , because it works for me ……period.
    THE BLESSINGS I receive are always there ,with no anxiety, with no aggravation …
    is it easy to …

    No, ,
    but with CONSTANT CONTACT I am getting better and better and better ,,,everyday ,,,
    How DO I stay in contact ,,,,which enables me and leads me ??
    I do my work …every morning , I do my studies ,everyday , I give thanks and am full of gratitude all the time and the more I stay in this state of being , Ive found …my road leads me to exactly where its PERFECT ….””” for me …”””
    for me …not you…..my road is my own road , the road God has chosen for me …..

    I’am in the world ….but not of it ….what a sigh of relief!!!!!

    My road has its twists and turns , but thats the part of life’s adventure ,
    otherwise …what a bore….
    I love my connection to the divine whom orchestrates my days …


    For Ive choose this road …and …with great gratitude I thank God for leading me …on my own
    special road.

  2. Oh my! You had me crying tonight because I could use your quote in the life of a pet also and how we deal with their death, which usually comes before ours. Today we had to put down our oldest cat at 16 and 1/2. It was so hard and still is. The day has been sad for us and her two remaining cat friends here on Earth. I have to remind myself that we gave her a good life and that she’s now frolicking with friends in the afterlife. That’s the only thing that keeps me sane as the whole house mourns her departure. It’s so quiet around here when someone is missing.

    Your post came at a good time. There are no road maps in life. I truly know what you mean about all the construction and doing it all manually. What a task that must be. I’m just so sad right now that your lead-in quote made me cry. It never gets any easier.

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