Weekly Photo Challenge: Framed in Nicaragua

“That’s rule number one for a photographer, isn’t it? Fill your frame?”
― David Cronenberg, Consumed

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Frame.

This is how the world frames itself in Nicaragua.

The sunset is encased in a jar at Playa Gigante.
IMG_1724The staircase is wrapped in colors at the Revolutionary museum in Leon.

We are mounted and framed for House Hunters International on Ometepe Island.
IMG_20130509_082857Selva Negra is encircled in a Bavarian setting in Matagalpa.
IMG_4696Playa Iguana is bordered by a rancho and an infinity pool.
IMG_1759The artist on the Solentiname Islands is almost ready to matt her painting.
IMG_7117Confined to the fort, the canon in El Castillo protects the Rio San Juan.
IMG_6852Francheco’s dome home on Ometepe Island is enclosed by gorgeous round windows.
IMG_1553Graffiti outlines the abandoned building on Corn Island.
IMG_3998Lauren is wreathed in her handmade Christmas present to me.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Framed in Nicaragua

    • Janet, I love those round windows, too. I got a new MacBook when I was in the states, and my photos are still in my old MacBook. I can’t transfer the photos because the photo program is different in my new Mac. Plus, the charger cord on the old Mac is temperamental and won’t charge unless I wiggle the cord. So, it was a long process looking for framed photos for this challenge.

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