Wow! You Won’t Believe What Just Happened!

Do I have your attention? I just click baited you. 🙂 I read that Facebook is changing their algorithms so that click baiting titles that misinform or deceive, kind of like spam, will be moved to the bottom of your news feed.

I am so glad to hear that. I hate clicking on an article, only to find that the title deceives you. But, even though this is not earth shattering news, my post is about the internet, and mainly Netflix in Nicaragua.

My internet has been super slow for about a month. Technicians have been to my house numerous times, and we decided to install a larger internet tower so that we have direct line of sight to the mainland because the trees surrounding our house have grown taller than the tower we have on the roof of our casita.

The new tower is still not installed…mañana they tell me. So, I called Evenor to check out my system because my download speeds were registering 0.02 mbps. Sigh!

I have to backtrack a moment to tell you about my router. I bought a fancy router in the states where the VPN was installed within the router, so all my devices looked like the IP address was from the USA. It worked great, especially for Netflix, until Netflix decided to block all VPNs.

I spent hours chatting with my VPN provider, changing the settings in the router, changing the location of my server in the USA, and fiddling with the router. All to no avail. I still couldn’t get Netflix.


Evenor worked fast and efficiently like an expert detective. He diagnosed and changed everything in my system. He was able to increase the speed to 4.12 mbps, but the internet keep shutting on and off.

That’s when he asked about my router. He shook the router gently and we could hear something rattling around inside my fancy expensive router. “Did anything happen to your router?” he asked. Uh oh! I accidentally dropped it about a month ago when I was dusting.

We replaced the fancy router with the old router I had in the casita, and voilà! Everything worked perfectly again. Well, except for the fact that I had no VPN anymore. But, that wasn’t a problem because I could get Netflix again on all my devices.

IMG_1761Surprisingly, the Nicaragua Netflix selection has most of the shows I watch like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Call the Midwife, and Blacklist. I have over 50 free channels on my ROKU box, so if I can’t watch a movie on Netflix, I can always find it on another channel, like Amazon Prime video.

Without a VPN, there are still problems with certain websites, especially when I try to order something from the USA. Yesterday, I tried to order shoes for my friend from Payless shoes. He wanted them delivered to a friend that lives in the states who is coming to Ometepe Island next week.

I kept clicking on the order and never received a confirmation. When I checked my credit card, I was charged for 9 orders of the same thing. I told my friend that he owed me $540 for 27 pairs of shoes!!  When he called Payless Shoes, they said that they don’t accept international orders and all the charges would be dropped from my credit card. Then, my credit card company stopped my credit card because they suspected fraud!!!! I do appreciate them letting me know that the 9 orders of 27 pairs of Payless shoes look like fraud to them. I chatted with them online and told them all was OK, and they started my card again. Geez! One thing always leads to another thing in Nicaragua.

All because I didn’t have a VPN to mask my Nicaraguan IP address! Once again, I contacted my VPN provider and changed my service so that I now have a VPN for my Macbook and iPad. The greatest thing about my VPN is that I can turn it on and off on my devices. If I want to watch Netflix, I turn it off. If I want to check my credit card or bank balance from the states or order something, I turn it on. And it is cheaper than the service I had before.

I don’t think I will order a new fancy router again. I am fine with the router that only transmits wi-fi from an IP address from Nicaragua. I have my Netflix back, a VPN that I can turn on and off, and best of all…my internet is faster.

Now, to wait for our new tower…mañana they say!

Did you click on this post just to see what happened? What do you think about the new click bait algorithms on Facebook? 

11 thoughts on “Wow! You Won’t Believe What Just Happened!

  1. Here they say mañana only means not today.
    What VPN do you use? We used Tunnelbear but Netflix is wise to that one now. We still get a lot of Netflix options but once in a while there is something we want that doesn’t come here.
    Congrats on all your work on getting a decent internet going!

  2. Isn’t everything in South America manana? That’s great to be able to turn features on and off. I’m glad all else worked out for you.

  3. Ha – damned when the internet works (endless time spent going down rabbit holes) and damned when it doesn’t because that is EXACTLY when you need to get through. We watched Netflix through the VPN for years up until a few months ago when they put a stop to that. (A very sad day!) Fortunately, like Nicaragua, our Portugal menu has most of the shows that the US menu has. It really is great to kick back in the evening and get a fix of US culture from Netflix!

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