Happy Nicaraguan Mother’s Day

Mothers have a tremendous impact on the world in which we live. All the more reason to celebrate mothers and motherhood around the world.  Nicaragua celebrates Mother’s Day on Monday, May 30th. It is a holiday for all working mothers and my second celebration of Mother’s Day because we celebrate Mother’s Day in the states the first week in May.

To honor the mothers of Nicaragua, the La Paloma Elementary School performed dances, poetry readings, and songs for their mothers.

Maxwell was the DJ. He set up the laptop, downloaded music for the programs and connected the speakers to the laptop. He is the perfect media specialist!


I haven’t figured out the symbolism of the big-butted old woman and her little old man, but their performance is always a hoot. One of the sixth graders stuck balloons behind him and shook like crazy. I was honored with a dance by the purple big-butted old lady. What fun!

The first and second graders danced a traditional Nicaraguan dance in their lovely traditional dresses.

IMG_1718The fifth graders presented poems they memorized to honor motherhood.
IMG_1727Some of the children gave presents to their mothers and grandmothers.
IMG_1735This performance touched my heart and we all had tears in our eyes as he gives a rose to his grandmother.
IMG_1715The little girls wore their finest clothes for their performances. This cutie was shy.
IMG_1733Lise, my adorable preschool neighbor, is a cutie pie, too. She kind of looks like Minnie Mouse here.
IMG_1738After the celebration at the school, we went to town to visit with our friends who had recently lost their mother and grandmother. I understand the grief because I am still grieving for my mother who died six months ago. We brought donuts for all, and Audioska and I shared memories of our mothers. The first Motherless Mother’s Day is always the hardest.

Then, we went to the bakery to salivate over the Mother’s Day cakes.
IMG_1740I will leave you with a quote that represents how I feel this first Nicaraguan Motherless Mother’s Day.

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Abraham Lincoln

As a post note, I have my Humans of Nicaragua and My Let’s Get Real Series scheduled to post the first of June. I will be in the states celebrating the life of my mother. I probably won’t be online much, so enjoy some of my previous posts until I return.

Another article about the Exodus of Nicaraguans Leaving Costa Rica for Mother’s Day.

7 thoughts on “Happy Nicaraguan Mother’s Day

  1. beautiful precious children! they give heart-warming comfort today and give us hope for the future!

    i remember one mother’s day in the states when at church we were given either a red or white rose, depending on if our mothers were alive or dead. that was heart wrenching for me, to receive the rose that stated, ‘she’s dead.’

    hope your time back in the states is comforting!

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