Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare Me a Trip to the Dentist!

The Weekly Photo Challenge is spare.
Oh! Please! Spare me a trip to the dentist. It isn’t easy when I have a toothache.
It involves catching the early ferry for an hour’s trip to the dentist on the mainland.

The extra boats are lined up at the dock waiting for passengers later in the day.
IMG_0221There is ample room at the beachfront laundromat near the dock for the women to launder their clothes early in the morning.

The cattle in the distance receive their lagniappe of fresh water. ( Who knew the word lagniappe is a synonym for spare?)
IMG_1608I wish this pain would let me off the hook! How many people can say this is the way they travel to the dentist?
IMG_1681Leaving my island of peace is the only emergency option. Bye, bye, Ometepe. I may return minus one tooth.
IMG_9268Bountiful and lanky clouds cover Ometepe on my way to the dentist.
IMG_9307Theresa takes the chair first. But that doesn’t mean I am absolved. I’m next.
IMG_1610My poor tooth couldn’t be spared. But, oh what a relief. No more pain. Hey buddy, can you spare an orange for me for my ride back to Ometepe Island?
IMG_1685I’ve had more than enough for one day. It’s great to return to my island of peace, pain-free.
IMG_0222What is your trip to the dentist like? 

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare Me a Trip to the Dentist!

  1. Great pair of dentists — a couple educated in Leon who have a new clinic and house now about two and a half blocks away from me. They bring in a root canal specialist from Leon when needed. I had a couple of fillings and a four tooth bridge. Good work, and they were very good with checking on my level of analgesia compared to US dentists. The specialist from Leon brought her daughter to assist with my root canal and was also careful to keep pain controlled.

    Their new house is amazing with a turret and big back house. In the old clinic, their children would peep in from time to time to see what Momma and Dad were doing, and between patients, they went back and checked on the kids.

    • That’s one of the things I love about Nicaragua. The whole family is involved in the business. My last dentist had her young daughter hand her the cotton balls while she was working on my teeth. So cute. She even wore gloves!
      Ron and I both have had a lot of dental work recently in Rivas. I had such a good experience with the dentist, that Ron started to go to her. He just completed a month of dental work. He had two root canals and five porcelain caps. Total cost was a little over $600.

  2. Not a pleasant ordeal, I admit. In Belize, when I lived in Punta Gorda working with the Q’eqchi Mayas in the region I had to take a puddle jumper airplane to get to the nearest dentist, thanking my good fortune that I was not in the Sarstoon Temash National Park on the border with Guatemala when my tooth striked, as then a trip would take much, much longer.

    It makes a fond memory: taking a plane to a dentist. And another fond memory, too: the dentist in question was a former Miss Belize! One girl, who had brains to use the money from winning a beauty contest to get a solid education in a very needed vocation! Hurrah!

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