Weekly Photo Challenge: Not Just Another Pretty Face

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Face.

I like to capture candid expressions and these Nicaraguans put a smile on my face!

Chocolate! Written all over his face.

Who took a bite out of the birthday cake? No poker-face here. Guilty!

It’s as plain as the nose on his face what all the excitement is about.
It was difficult to keep a straight face while entertaining my taxi driver’s children.
My dog had a face that only a mother could love.
IMG_2358Queenie, my cat, has an in your face attitude.
Then there is Petunia. While giving birth I think she said, “Get out of my face!”
tired Petunia
Princesa ate mangoes until she was blue in the face.
princesa copyAn ancient face that fell off the face of the earth, until it found me on the beach.
IMG_0608I came face to face with a bear on the Corn Islands.
IMG_5078This lovely grandma doesn’t need to powder her face. It is a face of compassionate wisdom.
Ever's grandma copy
Did these photos put a smile on your face today? I hope so.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Not Just Another Pretty Face

  1. Thank you Debbie! I too have started a collection of pictures of just incredible faces from Ometepe. I will share them with you when I see you next time. It is raining???

    • Ernesto, we had a tropical depression go through here for a week with heavy rains. Everything is green and lush. Today is the day the rainy season officially starts. It has been dry for about a week, but the clouds are building. I expect to see rain today. The locals predict it and they are usually right on.
      When are you returning? I would love to see your collection of faces.

      • My Debbie and i are planning to be there in September for a couple of weeks – still tethered to a job and my boys here. Love to spend some time with you and Ron and drink the bottle of wine I promised you guys. So happy it is raining. I have been so worried about another dry winter.. people are hurting. Keep that shutter going, you have a great eye and tell a beautiful story, not only of your surroundings but yourself.

        Thank you!!

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