Weekly Photo Challenge: Heat Waves

The Weekly Photo Challenge is: Abstract

The heat in Nicaragua now is unfathomable. We went to a funeral today and the dry crumbly leaves blanketed the grave site. Even the plastic flowers wilted.

Looking through muddied heat waves, I had surreal visions of snow in the white, dead leaves littering the ground.
IMG_0778Even my cat, Ocho, is on fire!
IMG_1518The patterns in the trees are vague and intricate, but I think I see parched, white people hanging lifeless from the branches.
IMG_0769Yet there is hope, for the end of the dry season is coming. The transcendent waters will wash the dust away, bathing everything in lush hues of new green.

The complex weave of new growth will rejuvenate our tired and withered bodies once again.
IMG_1375Soon, not so subtle changes will be visible, the heat waves will vanish, and we will spring to life again…when the rains start.

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Heat Waves

  1. Debbie,
    Thank you for your post and pics. You continue to be the lifeline to my dream spot. Today I spoke to Dona Lilian, my caretaker’s wife in Punta Pinuela, She said it was hot and the sun was biting. This coming from a native of the island who never complaints about a thing. So yes, I believe it must be hot!! She also said that she does not recall it being this hot in the past. This is the sad legacy of our mismanagement of planet. Hopefully it is not too late for us eco-heads to reverse the trend even if it is just a little with our little contribution in this island. Say hi to Ron for me.

    • Hi Ernesto,
      We miss you, but you don’t want to be here now. The locals say this the lowest they have ever seen the lake. There have been quite a few heat-related deaths on the island, mainly the elderly. I was talking to my neighbor yesterday. He grows plantains and he said it has been the worst season for him. His irrigation pipe is as far as it can go to reach the water. Then, the strong winds have knocked over many of his plantains. Now, when he is ready to harvest, he doesn’t know if he will be able to get his plantains to the mainland if the ferries can’t dock at the ports. It is horrible. Pray for the rains to start soon.

    • Hi Tom,
      In my experience, the best times of the year to visit Nicaragua are the months of November and December. The rains have stopped, everything is lush and green, and it is cool and refreshing. Come visit, you will love this time of the year and your visit will be much more refreshing instead of trying to escape the heat and the dust.

  2. Beautiful pictures to go with your post. I think I can see parched dead people hanging from that white tree too. šŸ™‚ I hope you get rain soon.

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