2016 Semana Santa Statistics

lifeguard quote copySharon, my friend in Granada, reported that it was eerily quiet over the long Easter week holiday. Usually there are endless “bombas” or firecrackers that only make loud and annoying booms. So, she wondered what was up with the lack of bombas. Her Nicaraguan friend said, “We have to save all our money to get drunk. We have no money for bombas.”

That about sums up Semana Santa madness around Nicaragua. Go to the beach, get drunk, go swimming, or drive drunk. We stayed home this year, not wanting to deal with the drunks and crazy drivers over the holiday. But, if you are wondering how crazy it gets over Semana Santa here are a few statistics.

The National Police and the Ministry of Health reported that in the week of Semana Santa there were an estimated 62 deaths in the country: 27 deaths from traffic accidents, 24 drowning deaths, and 11 deaths by homicide.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.16.08 PMMy last report on the death toll over Semana Santa was Here. The good news is that 250 lives were saved over Semana Santa this week due to the watchful eyes of over 2,000 volunteers trained to be lifeguards by the Nicaraguan Red Cross.

thanks to 100% Noticias for the photo

thanks to 100% Noticias for the photo

“Thanks to the work carried out 2,000 volunteers in 139 pools and resorts nationwide, 250 lives have been saved though rescues,” said the director of the relief agency, Oscar Gutierrez told reporters.

The source acknowledged that 18 people drowned so far this Easter, including places not served by the Nicaraguan Red Cross, but the lifeguards later came to the aid of the bodies.

The Red Cross also noted that volunteers found 112 children who were lost in different resorts and released to their parents. The work of a lifeguard is more difficult than one thinks!

Thanks to 100% Noticias for the photo

Thanks to 100% Noticias for the photo

Overall, it was a good Semana Santa. A BIG congratulations to the Nicaraguan Red Cross for the lives they saved with their socorristas ( lifeguards). We hope you all had a joyful Easter.

6 thoughts on “2016 Semana Santa Statistics

  1. I was commenting with some friends yesterday that it seemed like there were fewer tourists and beach goers in our little town this semana santa than we have seen other years. I do not know for sure, but it seemed more peaceful. Could be we are just getting used to the flow of people in and out of our town.

    It seems like people come to San Clemente generally to enjoy a day at the beach with their families. We are also fortunate to have some well trained life guards and many other volunteers who keep the beaches pretty safe. A hearty belated Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. Amazing post, thanks for the insight. Here in Boquete things were a lot more subdued than we expected. The Panamanians seem to really limit the alcohol exposure here, near as we can tell. That may be part of it.

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