Four Places on Ometepe Island to Study, Love, and Stay Close to Nature

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

On Valentine’s Day we took our friends on a tour of Ometepe Island. Our neighbor has a new touring van, and for $50 for the entire day, he took us to our four favorite places.

First Stop: Charco Verde Nature Reserve

Slowing down to observe nature is an art. By examining the shapes of trees, the colors of the flowers, or noticing the ways a landscape can change over time with different effects of light, always provides me with inspiration in the natural world.

I am fascinated with the study of ethology, or the study of non-human animal behavior…especially the Howler monkeys. On the Charco Verde trails we always see Howler monkeys. Depending on the time of day, they are either swinging gleefully among the branches, howling loudly, or napping peacefully in the tree tops. This morning, they were snoozing.

The cormorants gathered to feed at the edge of the green lagoon, while the goats wandered and bleated along the trails. Butterflies, iguanas, and  hurracas ( like big Blue Jays),  fluttered, fled, and flitted throughout the dusty trails.

It was a beautiful morning to be up close to nature. It never fails us.

Second Stop: Santo Domingo Beach

Playa Santo Domingo is situated on the isthmus between the two volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas. Situated on the island’s northeastern side, it faces the prominent wind direction. This February has been an exceptionally windy month. The waves in the lake looked like ocean waves and it was difficult to walk the beach without getting sand blasted. So, we ate lunch at Villa Paraiso  Studying nature always makes us hungry and we love to eat!

Third Stop: Ojo De Agua

After lunch, we visited the refreshing “Eye of the Water” spring. It is a gorgeous, clear pool of water that comes from an underground river from Maderas volcano. Twelve years ago when we first visited Ojo de Agua, we had to walk through a muddy plantain field to get to the spring. Now, they put up a dirt parking lot, a new restaurant, and vendors display crafts, t-shirts, and cold coconut drinks. Yet, progress has not affected the natural beauty of this place, only highlighted it.

Last stop: Punta Jesus Maria

Punta Jesus Maria is a long spit of land near our house formed by water currents and volcanic sand. Old timers say that it could have been a trading port in ancient times. Recently, the EU developed the Punta for a Nicaraguan project. There are small casitas where you can buy fried fish, chicken, and a cold Toña. Brittany, who volunteers for an international dog rescue organization found her Valentine at the Punta. Maybe this little stray will find a loving family in the states.

These four places on Ometepe Island are definitely places to “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.” Our Valentine’s Day overflowed with love for our island of peace.

20 thoughts on “Four Places on Ometepe Island to Study, Love, and Stay Close to Nature

  1. I’m so glad we were able to house sit for you! It was wonderful visiting these places and discovering your beautiful island. I’ll be visiting again on my way home to Panama, maybe around August. Hopefully I will catch you home. So sorry to hear you continue to have problems with the Chikungunya. Good luck, it has to leave you alone soon!

    • Hi Kris. Are you biking again to our house? I want to write a post about your first tour biking experience to Ometepe Island. So many things to write about…so little time. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you again. Chiky still lingers in our joints, but it doesn’t get the best of us.

  2. Beautiful post, Debbie. I disappointed to hear you are still recovering from your illness… such a lengthy bout. I wondered about Zika virus impact in your locale. Sad to hear it is a concern. Take care, please.

  3. as with most of your posts, i loved this, though i usually load pages and read them offline – and then am not able to comment! drats… anyway, it was so nice taking this tour with you – muy amable!

    how are you feeling? the only new symptom i have is at times my fingers contort as if seized by spasms… it lasts for ten or so seconds and then all is fine…

    still have slight problems with skin sloughing away from palms or soles of feet, but i feel that’s probably healthy!!! hope that chikungunya has totally left you in peace!

    • Hi Lisa!!! I know and understand your difficulties with the internet, so no worries. 🙂 I really miss you! We had our Chikungunya Guatemala vacation, and now we are getting ready for our Chikungunya Colombia vacation and we may add Zika into the mix. lol We are getting steroid shots next week before we leave. The pain is diminishing, but the mornings are still painful. Thus, the need for shots so we can be pain free for at least 3 weeks. We both just want it to go AWAY! Such a strange, strange journey with Chiky. Glad to hear you are feeling better. We will be in Cartagena if you happen to be coming our way.

      • ha. you are brave! i don’t want to go to the coast as long as all three are hopping around in the el nino climate! the mosquitoes don’t like the cloud forest, and my dance card is full with tasks on the property.

        have a great trip, and i hope that someone finds a way to short cuicuit the chikv side effects…

    • Anita, did you know that the Howler Monkeys are dying near San Juan Del Sur? 80 deaths so far. The scientists are studying them to see what is happening. It could be lack of fresh water near the coast, not much to eat in the dry season, or the latest is a connection with the Zika virus. Our Howlers seem to be fine on la isla. I sure hope there isn’t a connection with the Zika virus.
      Yes! you will have to come back to visit someday. We’re looking into an 18 day repositioning cruise for next spring…one way to Lisbon for $145. I wish we could do it this spring. The deal may not be available next spring. We’ll see.

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