Fuego y Agua Survival Run 2016

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
― John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running 

Ron and I volunteer every year for the Fuego y Agua Survival Run and Trail Races. The first week in February is my favorite time of the year because I witness dedication, perseverance, strength, endurance, stamina, courage and GUTSINESS all in one amazing week. 

This year’s Survival Run was BRUTAL. Racers contended with 90+ degree heat, carried 30 lbs. of plantains up and down a 5,500 ft. volcano, ran for two hours holding a live chicken, maneuvered through the cloud forest at night carrying 20-ft bamboo poles, caught fish, and climbed trees…all within a span of 25 hours.

When we arrived at the pre-race events Friday morning, 60 survival runners from around the world gathered to compete. They divided into teams for the pre-race events and organized their team members into those who dug holes with their bare hands, those who made rafts, and those who searched for puzzle pieces in a giant plantain field.


The diggers dug with doggedness…

splayed out with stoutheartedness.
IMG_0240The raft makers assembled with adventurousness.

Injuries were dealt with integrity and treated with tolerance and tenacity.
IMG_0335They completed challenges with coolness…

manipulated puzzle pieces with persistence and carried raw eggs carefully…well most of them carried them carefully. There were a few mishaps.

They packed plantains with power and prowess.

The race directors led with lion-heartedness.

After the survival runners completed all of the team challenges…the real race began.
They were off on their individual quests over dusty paths, up and down two volcanoes, with many miles to go before they slept.  Who were the runners to watch?

Fuego y Agua Survival Run: Men to Watch

Fuego y Agua Survival Run: Women to Watch

25 hours later…the survival run is over with many record-breaking results.

This is an absolutely amazing event. Huge, huge congrats to the six out of 60 runners who managed to finish the entire course in 25 hours. And congratulations to our island man, Johnson Cruz! He placed third in the Survival Run.

Fuego y Agua Nicaragua

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