Part Two: Service Learning and the La Paloma Library

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” ~Sir James M. Berry

Sunshine they indeed brought…in the form of painting our library, the smiles and laughter of the children, and their service to others. In August, a group from Go for Hope completed a service learning project at our La Paloma Library.

I am sorry this post is so old, but I wanted to spread the word about our new donations.
Fuego y Agua Ultra Marathons will be held on Ometepe Island the first week in February. We volunteer to run the aid stations every year and it is so exciting.

IMG_0157This year, the Fuego y Agua is going to give all the proceeds from their annual Beer Run held on Friday, February 5th to our La Paloma Elementary School.
I want to give all the students backpacks filled with school supplies and buy the teachers needed supplies for their classrooms for the new school year, which starts the beginning of February.
IMG_0105Joe, the director of Go For Hope, read a book about sharks to the kids and they all opened their mouths as wide as a shark.
IMG_0120They covered the teachers’ and students’ hands with paint and made a painted flower garden.
IMG_0138They made a teacher tree.
IMG_0141What an awesome group of service learners. I can’t wait for them to return in the spring.
IMG_0166If you are in Nicaragua the first week of February, come to Ometepe Island and take part in the Beer Run. I can guarantee it will be lots of fun and the La Paloma elementary students will receive needed supplies for the beginning of their new school year.


PATRICK SWEENEY’S INTERNATIONAL BEER MILE (benefiting La Paloma Elementary School on Isla de Ometepe)

WHEN: 10:00AM on Friday, Feb 5, 2016

WHERE: Start/Finish Area, Playa Santo Domingo, Ometepe Island – FUEGO Y AGUA NICARAGUA

A Beer Mile is a ridiculous event, but that is what makes it fun! You begin with 4 beers, drink a beer at the start, then drink a beer every 1/4 mile until done with 1 mile.

You can enter at the race: Entry fee is 150 cordobas (about $5 USD), that gets you 4 beers and an entry.

100% of entry fees go directly toward buying backpacks and school supplies for the La Paloma Elementary school on Isla de Ometepe (additional donations accepted).

7 thoughts on “Part Two: Service Learning and the La Paloma Library

  1. Count me in for the C$150. I will not get there on time, but will be by the following week to drop off the entry fee. Good luck

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