Apps and Internet Links for Expats

“Mobile is the digital gateway for the real world.”
― Tomi Ahonen


Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 8.22.23 PMI predict that soon becoming an expat will be common. There are massive economic and technological forces that are moving ordinary people abroad by the millions. Do you know that you can even become a virtual expat with the help of technology?

I have searched the internet for apps and links that will make your life easier as an expatriate. Enjoy this list and add your favorite apps and links below.

I. Virtual Expat

Our national economies are all facing similar economic challenges. They aren’t collecting enough taxes for their expenditures. One of the forward-thinking countries wanting to attract new people to participate in their local economy is Estonia.

Estonia is taking steps to make it easy to Become an e-resident. Once a person has a status as an e-resident of Estonia, it is easy to open a bank account or register a company there, This combined with lower tax rates, brings outside money into the country.

II. Portable Jobs

Technologies that began decades ago by allowing people to telecommute to their regular jobs and work from home, have matured and now allow one to work from anywhere in the world.
25 Remote Work Websites

III. Notaries Online and Scanning Apps

How many of you have often needed the services of a U.S. notary while out of the country? It can be frustrating and time-consuming to drive all the way to your nearest Consulate or Embassy to get documents notarized.

The Commonwealth of Virginia passed new legislation (SB 827 & HB 2318) that allows all Commonwealth of Virginia Notaries to assist all U.S. citizens with all Notarial services worldwide via the Internet. Formal information about the legislation and the new procedures can be found at International Notary Online

And how frustrating is it to find a scanner that will scan your documents while living abroad in a developing country? Fret no more. Now it is possible to scan documents from your mobile phones. Five Best Mobile Document Scanning Apps

If you need to organize and track your documents Zoomlee- organize and track your documents

IV. Learning New Languages

We all know what a struggle it is to learn new languages. If a language school is not close to your expat home, try these online sites.
Say ‘what’ again! 7 ways for expats to learn new languages

Here is a new app for connecting expats and travelers speaking the same language or coming from the same country.
Liana Mobile App connecting expats and travelers speaking the same language

V. How to Book a Flight Online and Save Money

I find it so frustrating to play the book a flight game. What is the best day to book a flight? What is the best website to find cheap flights? These online links may help you.
Hopper-When to fly and buy

How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere

Matrix-ITA software

VI. Transfer Money Online

It is almost impossible to transfer large sums of money without paying expensive transfer fees and forget about trying to transfer money internationally from your home bank to a bank abroad.
Transfer Money Online

VII. Online Courses for Free

I am a life-long learner. If you want to continue your studies, here are some valuable online courses you can take for free. Just sign up! I’ve taken courses from both of these sites and highly recommend them.
MIT OpenCourseWare

VIII. General Best Apps for Expats

10 Best Apps for Expats

Top Ten Free Apps for Expats

If you live in Mexico, this is superb! App for Expats living in Mexico

IX. Just for Fun

If you live in Nicaragua and want to know when the next scheduled electric maintenance is due Disnorte-Dissur- electricity maintenance and outages scheduled in Nicaragua

Do you live in an area with active volcanoes? Check out the webcams.

All the World’s Volcano Webcams

X. Apps for Expat Children

Special Apps for Expat Kids

The Most Useful Apps for Expat Kids

APPitic an app resource site with more than 6,000 apps in more than 300 subcategories, offers a number of apps for young learners that differ from passive watching and dive into content creation and exploration.

Living the expat lifestyle may seem exotic to the casual observer, but living abroad can be a challenge. The global trend of people owning their own jobs, using technology to diversify their sources of income, and the ease of seeking the most beneficial countries from which to operate, are massive forces moving millions to become expats.

What apps do you find helpful for the expat? Please add to my list.

20 thoughts on “Apps and Internet Links for Expats

  1. What would we do as expats without all our gadgets and the internet? They make living out of the country so much easier by putting information and entertainment at our fingertips as well as helping us stay connected to people who are are important to us. Great list, Debbie and I’ve bookmarked the links on learning new languages. Now that we’re expats in Portugal it’s time to start learning some basic Portuguese! Anita

    • Eu estou indo dar-lhe um pouco de prática com Português. Eu estou enganando e usando Traduz Google. LOL. Good luck with learning Portuguese. Some of the words are similar to Spanish. Obrigado…thank you. That is the only word I learned when we visited Brazil and Portugal.

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  3. The Virginia virtual notary is rarely accepted and readers should not think they can count on this working. You will need to verify in writing with whoever you are conducting business with that it will be acceptable. I have tried six title companies in three states and none will take it. I have convinced two of them to accept a Mexican notary which is much cheaper than what the U.S. Consulate office charges.

  4. This is a great resource, thank you! Re. money transfers, the link goes to a single provider, so I was disappointed not to see more choices. I’ve been using Xoom for a while, but since I started, some other services seem to offer lower fees, including TransferWise. I did find a fairly complicated and slightly outdated (2012), but useful, guide to transferring money in different formats here: And now I need to figure out which services are currently the best value for my typical money transfer needs. It’ll be more fun to look up some of the other links, I suspect!

  5. The flight information is excellent – thanks. For some reason the star rating does not show up when I use Firefox – which is almost all the time – but the star rating does show up if I use IE. Probably a local issue here in my world 🙂

    • That is so strange. I use Firefox as my browser and the star rating shows up. Maybe it is your internet speed? I have to tell you a funny story about my posts. I posted my International Health Insurance post on a Facebook Nicaragua forum for expats. One guy commented, “Who is the idiot that wrote this? I can’t even read it because the words are in the leaves on the page.” I responded, “I am the idiot that wrote this. I think you should check your internet speed because you probably don’t have enough speed to load the whole page.” He then responded, “Oh, you are right. I am so sorry. Please accept my apologies.” LOL

  6. I believe in simplifying things. Countries, and companies that makes it easy for people are going to thrive. Along with the ones with a good educational system that teaches kids to ask questions, and give them valuable language skills. This is a great post! Thank you 🙂

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